British Unicycle Convention - Back on!

So if Lucas isn’t around the freestyle is wide open again… get your routines polished up and ready :slight_smile:

ooohh… I might enter the freestyle- will there be an over 36 category?

yeh this is true i talked it over with my mum today, and i think im going to give it a miss, given that ive had it 3 times, and that okehampton is in early 2009, i will hopefully only not have the title for 6 months or so. I do hope this encourages some of the guys that are really good at freestyle to come out of the closet and enter, id like to think Paul would enter again from last year, and Steve fo sho given that he is 2nd in the world, Amanda needs to, an Brendan, id like to think sam from calstock and maybe a few others might give it a crack. Aswell as loads of others, BUC is a great chance to have fun with freestyle without quite the same pressure as with Unicon, something which i suffered to in Dennmark.


but i should hope you’re still coming to the party right?

you know you want to show your MC hammer trousers off! :wink:

Haha Monkey World, I will definitely be up for that (as long as they don’t try to keep me :astonished: ).

I may even have a go at freestyle… dont hold me to that though.

Lucas, which closet are you talking of Brendan coming out of? The pink uni says it all :stuck_out_tongue:

You will be a miss mate, but I do hope you come for the party.

Edd, I may well take you up on that offer my dear. Im looking for someone to come down with me to share petrol costs, so providing they can come on thursday night, and you could accomodate them for the night (i will be staying in the van, unless you give me an invitation I cant refuse!!), the drive from yours to Dorset on the friday would be all good. :slight_smile:


Awesome, so glad its back on. Im definatly coming. Looking forward to meeting all you people.

how much cash would it be to get in? (roughly)

the same as last year or less probably (£25): they’re still working out the prices.

I can’t make this one guys, bit of a shame really. I still have the plaque from last years street comp though, so I’ll have to hand that back sometime I guess…
Try to have fun without me!

Awww, come on mike, I wanted to take it back from you personally!

all this competitive banter makes me want to come down an beat all yo asses x

Wow, looks like we might be getting some new champs this year!

Come down, I’ll be waiting for you!

Would prefer it if both of you came, otherwise I can’t think of anyone who would be interested.

well he has no comp experience but i wouldnt write out marcus collings da bois got skillz lol, im gonna speak to connie but if shes ok with it im gonna try and send me unicycle along and enter it cos im pretty sure just my unicycle on the course could beat you guys on style, originality and flow, it would just be height/distance that id struggle with but i may pay joe to do a 30 foot drop onto it xxxx uk banter!!!


I’ll make the jokes on here, no qu-ax uni has style!
I hope we have a good turn out, street wise, don’t care who it is. Last year we were struggling for competitors and ended up roping in unwanted riders, just want to know who is interested.


Haha thanks but I havnt been riding street for like the last year, I havnt learn anything new (or have I :sunglasses: ) and the biggest thing I have landed recently is a 3 spin. I have been riding almost purely trials. I think I may enter the street comp, I may enter the freestyle as well, but only for fun, im not realy looking to come out with any medals.

That’s a good thing cause they don’t give out medals.

You know what I mean. Im going to try not to take it to seriously and just enjoy it, im not bothered what postition I come.

right marcus, dont wack out the excuses now thats not playing fair,

and Jason 'thats a good thing kid! they dont give them out lol
chatting like your some experienced veteran looking down on the noobies,

hush your gums girls, i wish i was coming so i could do the treble, but someone would have to take out both the Joes for trials, and probably mike and brendan but then im set to kick asas