British Unicycle Convention - Back on!

BUC15 will happen!

3rd to 5th October 2008
Sandford Holiday Park, Dorset (their website)
We have reserved 80 pitches for tents, there is space for your own camper vans or similar and there are also caravans on site if you want to make your own arrangements.

We will have registration open as soon as possible - basically once we have confirmed the prices.

Price will definately be alot cheaper than the previous proposed venue, and roughly in line with previous BUCs if not cheaper. Food is not included as there are shops and restaurants on site.

There’ll be all the usual stuff, plus a swimming pool, go karts etc.

There are basket ball courts we can use for basketball and hockey, lots of outdoor space, a nice space for freestyle. Also plenty of indoor space incase it rains (as if!) We’re still working on something for trials and we will have a local sports hall for the hockey tournament. The area is full of countryside and possible muni rides.

We will let you know as soon as registration is open. See you there!

Woohoo! :smiley:

Awesome, not only is it on, it’s at the same end of the country as I am:)

Well done to the organisers for sorting it out!

Some of us knew already, since it was announced here over a week ago.:slight_smile:

Yay, that’s great! After being at BUC14 and now remembering those great
workshops :slight_smile: , muni rides :smiley: and all that fun & atmosphere (and then regretting not trying to play unihockey)… I’m really wondering about flying to UK again :smiley:

I hope I manage to squeeze my tent + muni enough to fit the baggage limits…

I live in Scotland and work Monday to Friday so wouldn’t realistically be able to make it down til some time mid to late Saturday. Would it still be worth going?

I’m leaving from Edinburgh, just jump on the train after work and you’ll be there in no time.
Gimme a message if you’re interested in meeting up and heading down.

Any thoughts on a street comp?

Glad it’s happening.


I’m there. don’t know how but i’ll be there! starting uni the week before but BUC is way more important!

Fantastic! I’ll be there for sure.

I’ve just had a look on the map, and it’s only about 5 miles or so away from Monkey World, so if anyone fancies joining me for a ride out to meet the real Semach, you’re more than welcome.


Monkey road trip!
I’m up for that!


Street (If we’re having one)
Any plans for high jump/long jump? Could be interesting.

First comp of the year for me so I’m excited.

Oh aye, definitely up for a trip to see some monkeys!


Woo Hoo! Monkey Convoy!

I’ll get in touch with Monkey World and see if we can organise some kind of group discount.


yeah high/long jump would be cool and surely not too hard to do. I’m gonna be doing trials and maybe freestyle :wink:

Hot diggity!

I’d heard murmurings at Unicon that it was back on again. I’ll definitely be there and I’m trying to talk my girlfriend into coming along too. I she’ll come then I may well come on the tandem and load our stuff into the trailer so we can have a chariot race as someone mentioned on another thread.

A world of monkeys? I’ll come for sure… Do they have pygmy marmocets there… If so who’s up for liberating some and training them to build wheels?

A trip to Monkey World would be a good addition to the schedule, we’ll have to work out a good time to fit it in the schedule, and Spencer if you’re up for talking to them to organise a group special discount that would be great.

Hopefully prices will be confirmed and registration be open within a month.

If anyone else would like to help with the organisation of the event (or workshops/ show/ competions) please PM or email buc15 @

Sounds good, although I am a little closer than Jas and net_hippy.
Will most likely be a last minute decision for me if I feel like driving all that way for the weekend. May look into getting the train, although ill have to sleep in a tent!?!

If I make it, ill be up for monkey world :smiley:


Remember folks, when we’re at Monkey World, no liberating monkeys with the mad zombie virus, k?

I know they look cute and all, but it’ll all end in tears.

You can come and stay here on the thursday night and then drive downthe rest of the way on friday with us if that makes it a little easier. :slight_smile: :astonished: :smiley: :wink:

i can only make it for friday till bout 8 in evening, and sunday possibly late in the afternoon, its a bugger but i was wondering whether we could have at least one of the competitions on friday for once, i know it sounds like im asking for the comps to be re arranged for me, but i would love to do street, and ideally i would do freestyle, trials i dont expect to be ready for friday so fair play.

just my 2 cents cx