British Unicycle Convention 2005 BUC

Official site (courtesy of the British Unicycle Association - UUU)

Date: 22 April 2005 to 25 April 2005

Location: St.Michaels School, Billingham
(same as last year - Well it was liked by almost everyone!)
We will endeavour to increase the trials course this year… bigger and better! :slight_smile:

Events: Same as normal, as serious as you want. Freestyle, lots of fun, workshops, hockey, trials competition, basketball, Muni etc. We will have a programme as we did last year for non riders - lots of new things we hope. So bring your families

Accommodation: As last year - indoor camping, although we may have some real camping if the site fence is erected in time.

Food: Due to the success of the catering as last year, it will be provided in the price of the event.

How to get there…
Well it is not hard to get to, look on a map and you will it is in the North East of Britain. The local Airport which is only 12 miles away is Teesside and has BMI Baby and Ryan Aire flying there; so there are cheap flights from Switzerland (Geneva), Ireland (Dublin), France (Nice). There is also Newcastle Airport only 40 miles away (£7.40 on the train away) and has Easy Jet flying there so you can get there cheaply from Denmark (Copenhagen),
Germany (Berlin), France (Paris) and Italy (Rome). With prices on these cheap airlines being as low as £2, no-one has an excuse not to come!

See you there.


Re: British Unicycle Convention 2005 BUC

rogeratunicycledotcom wrote:
> Official site (courtesy of the British Unicycle Association - UUU)

Looks suspiciously similar to the BUC11 site … even down
to the ‘BUC11’ in the title bar - you must have missed that
one in your search-and-replace!

Good to see it’s happening though :slight_smile:

  • Richard

Excellent news, thanks for announing so early, I’ll get it in the diary.


Cant wait! :smiley:

Is it bring your own beer again?


The basic programe is going to be similar to last years. Yes we have the same rules on beer, no bar on site, but with the local supermarket really close it is not really a problem.

Sleeping inside in the big “Year Rooms” and the food is included in the price so it really is just bring a wheel and a sleeping bag job. :slight_smile:


Note To Self: earplugs! :slight_smile: