British Unicycle Convention 17

Check out the website for next years BUC.
Pre-reg will open soon!

We are very lucky to have Matt Sindelar from the USA as our special guest!


;o Matt Spindelar!
They’ll be atleast 4 of us coming from Dorset!
Looking foward to it! :smiley:

I’ll have to see if i can get there!

Great attitude Amanda, hope to see as many southerners as possible, should be a great event!

I’m going to try and go, but I’m not sure if I’ll ride there this year.

Too bad it is in April… Probably I’ll be screwed in school and without money :frowning:

Anyway, have fun guys :smiley:

In 2011 I’ll be leaving in England or France, and will be easier to be there :smiley:

hoping to come, but sorry amanda, we will have a car full. with three of us and at least 3 unis and hockey sticks.

im deinately coming!!! and wow Matt Sindelar!! he’s awesomee :smiley:

Wow great news, cant wait. Bank holiday too :slight_smile: Unless I can get a lift I will likely be driving the way up from wiltshire. I will have space for probably another two if people are looking for a lift from the south.

I could be there im not sure.Too many events i wanna go to lol.Naucc,Euc summer,Euc winter,Koxx days

Emergency cover information etc.

Dear Sarah

You sent me a lot of stuff by email before last BUC and i kept it on file somewhere

Joe Baxter has jetted off for weeks ( not that i am not insanely jealous!) but you can email stuff to me

Lots and lots of planning to do!


Registration is now open for BUC17!

Hope you can all make it.

nice :smiley:
are you coming to EUC winter? :):slight_smile:

and I think I can’t go to BUC

Probably not,im more likely to go to EUC summer

On Monday is it only Muni? Will we still be able to use the halls in the morning?

Yes you can still use all the halls on Monday. The site will close about 4pm

there’s much chance that i’ll come
cause the flights are cheap, it’s gonna be great!!!

– bobousse


This looks like its gonna be a well good BUC cant wait. May be that a few people come up from calstock.