British Uni convention Hockey Tornament

Adam Gayne who is organising the Hockey Tournament at BUC this year
posted the following to the Uk unicyclists e-group. I’m echoing it here
for those who are not on the e-group.

From: Adam Gayne <>
Hi everyone,
I am going to be organising the Uni-hockey matches at
the B.U.C. If you have a team then please email me, but please
only one person from each team reply because I will get confused.
If you don’t have a team then email me saying that you want to
be put into a scratch team and you will be put in a team on the day.

As you may have read on the website ( there is
going to be at least 6 hours of hockey, so please get as many teams as
possible to reply. We will also have’fun’ hockey putting everyone into
scratch teams and playing some more.

I have volunteered to organise the hockey so the matches are pre-arranged
and there is no hassle on the day…so when you arrive at the
convention the fixture list will be at the reception desk.

reply to
Adam Gayne <