british pictures

i started a euro pictures a while ago which has since gone to the back pages some where i did want some brits to post in the thread but no one did so brits show unicyclist what you can do i want bails/muni/trials/cokering/urban/videos/skatepark/freestyle unicycling any thing it does not have to be like dan heaton amazing tech style just you on your uni will do but the better the pics the better
i will start with phil’s and my mini video this is not a link as i do not know how to put one in and no i do not want to no how to put a link in just vids and pics and only british ones!!!

Well im from uk and here are some rather dodgy pics that ive taken, sum of them are like quite old, just to warn you.
This is Unirogue 2. a mix of trials and freestyle
Heres Joes pictures


Pictures from the EMU expedition to the South Bank, London…

Which, incidentally, was extremely good fun in a “does anyone want to do it again?” stylee…

<raises eyebrow>


id be up for that

Yeh id be up for the south bank thing. i didnt come last time but i heard about it , depends when as im at uni in loughborough but sometime in one of the holidays id be free

i would love to go but would you be able to take me phil:(

Thanks for posting my pics, trev! if anyone missed them… they are here :stuck_out_tongue:

Phil, I will be up for that south bank ride I think.

It is a long way to come (I live in Newcastle - the other end of the country), but I could come down on the train, and spend a few days in London - sight seeing! :slight_smile: LOL

I am doing my GCSE’s until summer, so in the summer holidays would be the best time for me! (I know its along way off… but at least it would be something to look forward to!)


I’ve been a bit busy riding to organise anything much recently, however, I’ve had a little plan going round in my head for a bit. I thought that a weekend of Londonish riding would be a good thing to do. I thought a bit of riding trials or munis round central London, followed by a muni night ride (on the North Downs, which are good and technical and easy to get to from central London. I know them really well, so can lead a decent night ride there) and then the next day doing either some more street riding or a muni ride depending on weather.

I was thinking January some point because I’m busy in December. January is a great time to do street riding because you don’t get too sweaty, but it isn’t usually all that wet, just cold. Looking at the calendar, probably Jan 10th & 11th.

By the way Phil, have you made night lights yet? If not, you want to make these you do. They look like being really pretty good.


Oh yeah, I forgot to say,

if anyone happens to be in London on the first Monday of a month, there’s usually a street ride (with bikes) run by some people off, meetup time 7-7.30pm at the London Eye, goes down to ride the south bank and stuff, 1st Monday of the month.


i saw the pictures of previous EMU looks good fun

count me in


I haven’t yet, although I have a mini sortof-plan…

I have a little 3-LED light on the front of my bike which is really rather bright; ChainReactionCycles had them on special offer last week at half price down to a tenner, so I bought three more of them… :slight_smile:

They’re very small and light, and hopefully will fit on a helmet somehow.

Even if they’re not bright enough for uber-serious pitch-black muni it’ll do for easy trails; or failing that it’s only thirty quid, I can put another on the bike and they are rather useful compact torches too.

They were sold out back then, but I’m in no hurry.

I’d post a link, but freeserve is being weird at the moment and won’t seem to let me look at anything but the telly listings and Freaky… but convenient… :slight_smile:

A London ride in January sounds good!


my daddy has one of these which is easily bright enough to ride with, but might not be so easy to attach to a helmet.


Now things are working again, these are they:

They’re impressively bright for their size; I’m hoping that somehow I can attach two or three in a line on top of the helmet somehow.