British Muni Weekend webiste

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a website/blog for the British Muni Weekend. We organised the last event thorough Facebook but I wanted a platform that anyone could view.

Bookmark the site to stay upto date with the latest rides. The next one is over the August bank holiday weekend. You can see a video and photos of the last one on the website.

See you in August!


Why does RSU only do up to five pages now? Had to go to my profile and click on recent threads just to find this thread again.

The next instalment of the British Muni Weekend is in just over a week. Check out the website to stay up to date with tha latest news, photos and videos.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with UK to offer a special British Muni Weekend discount to everyone who attends the events.
The offer begins this weekend at the Mendip Muni Weekend. More info on the website:

Even more incentive to come for a ride!

Just put up the latest ride report and photos.

Great photos!
Who said it’s always rainy in the UK???
Sounds like you had a nice group too, lots of different levels?

Awesome weekend. Only been riding 6 months and my boys and me were made to feel really welcome - thats my two sons aged 11 and 7!!
gained in confidence and skill even over such s short time.

Can’t wait for the next one.

The Purbecks- near me would be a great venue. Forest, hills and coast.

I will try to sort something out.



So glad you had a good weekend. We aim to make the British Muni Weekend as open and accessible as possible so it’s great you felt so welcome. It’s amazing what riding with others does for your confidence and skill, eh?

Just had a look at campsites in the Purbecks. Looks like there’s a ton that take groups and allow campfires :slight_smile: Let me know when you want to do something and I’ll get it advertised on the BMW website.

Details of the Easter Muni Weekend are now up on the website:

thank you! :slight_smile:

I would like to join you guys but I’m beginner.
I’ve been riding since December and I’m not sure if I be able to keep up with you. I’ve never tried to ride more then 3 miles a time but I’m very confident with my riding.
How many miles a day do you plan to ride?
I don’t have a muni but I think my nimbus should be ok.

Hi Adrian,

The whole point in these weekends is to get as many people involved with the rides as possible regardless of ability.
We always ride to the pace of the slowest rider, so you don’t have to worry about getting left behind. We stop regularly to regroup and wait for any stragglers. The actual mileage varies but we usually start off the weekend with a very short ride, much less than 3 miles, to test the water and see where everyone is ability-wise.

Hope to see you there!

The next installment of the British Muni Weekend will be in Dartmoor. See full details on the British Muni Weekend website.

Remember, all attendees get exclusive discount!

I am in. Bringing my boys on mountain bikes again. I’ll be there asap on Friday. 8 ish??

NIce one, looking forward to seeing you again :slight_smile:
I’m sure someone will be there, if not, get the BBQ going!

Just a reminder that the next British Muni Weekend is coming up in a couple of weeks. As always, all attendees recieve 10% UDC discount!

We’re still going strong with the British Muni Weekends!

You can check out the photos and write-up from the Dartmoor weekend a couple of weeks ago on the website: