British Muni Weekend - trails

Myself and Simon had a quick trip down to The Inside Park today to get the
low-down from Jerry about the trails for next weekend’s BMW2. The weather was
glorious, and so we rode the shorter of Saturdays planned trips to get a feel
for the area. The trails are fab! Lots of good riding on paths ranging from
broad hardpack to woodland singletrack. It is very pretty too - the gorse is
out, there are blankets of bluebells and by next weekend the rhodedendrons look
like they may be out too.

The shorter ride is only 5 miles and both groups (faster and slower) will meet
up in a number of places to allow swaps (for those getting tired of the fast
life or fancying a bit more of a challenge than the slower ride). The faster
ride has lots more hills, singletrack and miles!

Things are also looking good for the orienteering (I’m getting lots of ideas
about how to be devious with checkpoint placing) and if people want to bring
sticks, we might manage a bit of a hockey knock-about in the barn on
Saturday evening!

There are, of course of on-site trails for those wanting an even gentler life -
plenty for everyone!

BMW2 looks like it could be fun - see you there…


Paul Selwood BMW2