British Muni Weekend (BMW3)

Hi there all,

I have some information from Leo regarding BMW that is coming up on the
weekend of the 15th of September. He tells me he is working on a getting a
web page produced but here is the information any way. I would just add my
penny worth too say that I know the are this is being held from my
childhood (the first time) and it is a really beautiful area and worth
just visiting!


Location - Bracelands Campsite, Christchurch near Coleford FoD Itinerary -
not quite finalised but here’s a maybe…

Friday eve, Meet up, put up tents etc. ride (or drive) to pub.

Saturday AM early PM, Drive to Pedalabikeaway centre in FoD (10.00 am ?),
meet up with anyone not camping, split into groups for harder/easier
rides, come back to centre for lunch Sandwiches/snacks, possibly do
another short ride or demo. Back to campsite for shower

Saturday late PM Road trip to Symonds Yat West to Maze centre for games in
a hedge maze.

Saturday eve ???


Circular trip from campsite down to the Wye Valley over Biblings wire
bridge up to possibly look into some caves(!), Pub lunch, back over river
by chain ferry back up the hill and back to campsite. Should be walkable
(6/7ish miles) if too knackered to ride!

We’re not planning on charging a fixed fee, though there is obviously the
cost of camping and food. Also you’ll need to bring money to cover the
cost of Maze entry (discounted - the owner rides a unicycle) and various
car parking charges.

We’re planning to produce a commemorative Mousemat at a cost of
approx £6.99


Plans for the BMW sound like a lot of fun! For those on the western side
of the pond, the Sun Valley MUni Weekend is the same weekend, September

Register now, and book your rooms if you’re staying at a hotel, because
they’re filling up fast!

> We’re planning to produce a commemorative Mousemat at a cost of
> approx £6.99

I don’t have any unicycling mousemats. Since I can’t go to BMW, I’d be
interested in getting one of those. We can work out some way of paying for

Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

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