British Juggling Convention

Ok, I know most of you Brits are holding out for the BUC, but I know a lot of you also juggle and stuff too. So, I’m just starting this thread to see who I’m likely to bump in to at the BJC in Nottingham next weekend.


I wish i could go. :frowning:

I should be there. will have a stall there. Miark and Rachael will be there for all the time. I will be arriving later.


My friend daislylou will be there.

i shall be attending:) . looking forward to some hockey if there is space.

I sooooooooo want to go sooo badly lol too far though

+1 :frowning:

I should be there for some of it.

Looks like it will be lots of fun


WAHOO! I might win the static long jump and the gladiators then :D. Kidding mate, really wanted to see u there, gonna have to wait a week till BUC ;). And here’s vote no. 2 for lots of hockey.


Me, I am. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there

Woo Hoo - I’ll see you there (to those of you that are going) :smiley:

Awww, shame you can’t make it (to those of you not goign) :frowning:

I wonder if I’ll be the only one there that will arrive by unicycle?

STM - getting excited already

I’ll turn up some time on Friday :slight_smile:

yep, im going

So… did we all have fun? I know I did. It was great to put a few faces to names (and avitars!), making new friends, and catching up with some old ones too.

It’s been an excellent few days in Nottingham, and I now feel quite juggled and uni’d out. Must get plenty of rest before next weekends trip up to Stockton!


STM i toataly didn’t see you lol
i also had a brill time and more on the uni side of things i finally bought a new saddle (kris holm fusion street!!)
cant wait to test it but i’m tooo knacked currently


yes was a brilliant few days. got some hockey going right at the end there yesterday which was great fun.thanks to all those that came along.

looking forward to next weekend:)

Ah, but I saw YOU though!

Well, at least, it was someone that looked like you in town with a unicycle on Saturday. I wasn’t being unsociable though, I was just dashing about at the time.


BJC was great, I did loads of unicycling and juggling but best of all had a sneak preview of the new Nimbus Street Uni with Nimbus ISIS splined hub.

Very nice indeed.