British Juggling Convention 2005

Hello Everyone.

The British Juggling Convention 2005 is being held in Perth, Scotland. for more info.

Before you all go “Urgh, juggling”, wait for it… there’ll be as much unicycling there as there is at BUC.

I am the Unicycle rep for BJC2005 and I am a unicyclist, not a juggler with a unicycle. I can juggle clubs really badly but I am a unicyclist first. And I don’t juggle on the unicycle either.

I welcome any and all comments or requests regarding this years unicycle activities.

Unicycle events planned for BJC2005 so far include:

Trials Comp in centre of town,
Unicycle Orienteering around Perth town centre/surrounding area,
Unicycle-only show,
Muni expedition,
Unicycle workshops (all skills),

And anything else you want. And spontaneous “lets-do-this” type events.

There is a skate-park about 10minutes cycle from the convention complex which is free to use and open 24 hours. Feel free to make use of it.

All events are absolutely free and open to absolutely everyone.

If you want something there, let me know, I am open to all suggestions.

If you would like to be involved in the unicycle side of things at BJC please contact me, I particularly need people to do workshops, and people who would like to perform in the show.

Either post on here, or email to

I hope to hear from some of you soon.


HI all what Tom ment to say was that there is no aditional cost to the conventioneers for the unicycle events.

You will have to regisrster for the BJC convention. You will find details on the web site


HI one other wee thing at the ceilidh there will be a new dance just for unicyclists the “unicycle reel”. you can get instructions on the web page

Hope to see you all there
Graham will also be trading there We will have most of unicycle stock up there but if you want anything out of the ordinary do contact us before BJC and we will try and make sure we have it there.


Aye, Graham’s right. There is no cost for the unicycle events once you have paid for the whole convention.

Hope this clears up any confusion.


Hi There is a unicycle act in the Public Show. A young German lassy Hella Gandlau. I saw her perform in the German championshios last year and insisted she was in the show.

Hella will also be performing in the unicycle only show. Along with her will be Julia Hahn the daughter of Hella’s coach. If you have any other sugestions or would like to be in the unicycle only show email Tom

Ps Rodger are you coming up to the Scottish?