"British Invasion" vid released!!!

Here it is, after some time the video is finally released.
Hope you all enjoy, please post any feedback you have, positive or negative.


P.S. Thanks to the guys at Vodpod, you can download the movie to you ipod or psp, how cool is that?

that was good. how high can trevor jump?

nice vid jase go uk, good to see joe b is still riding
dsissapointed that we waited ages for joe and sponge and from what i could see only one clip of joe wasup with that ay!
but yh nice video will have to do another one, soon and ill put some effort in rather than the lousy clips sent u

can u put it on youtube oder in the gallery, please?

it’s cool :roll_eyes:

not really up for youtube to be honest and tried the gallery but wasn’t working. Vodpod offers the best quality as well.
Will try and get it up in the gallery soon.


upload to one of those file hosting sites… (eg; www.sendspace.com )

juts make an account on that site takes less then 30 secs i promise, thast what i did.

Woohoo! Iv been waiting for this for soo long!
Was quality! I loved your section Jas! You’ve got some skills!
Can’t say I enjoyed the music though, but each to their own. It certainly sounded like it was “Reppin’ britun innit!”

I thought it would be mostly Street/Trials kind of stuff, plus my trials uni was out of action for a bit, so I decided to film some Muni. Its not the most technical or hardcore, but im thinking about making a British Muni video. I think Muni is very under-represented in the UK and in my opinion, is one of the most fun forms of unicycling! Maybe thats something to think about when I actually have a video camera thats not broken!

Rock on!

cheers edd, your section also rocked.

I wanna hear some feeback from some other british guys, mike, amanda, sponge, leo and whoever else that whats to comment, even Roger.
Also wanna hear some feedback from everyone else whether you’re french, german, dutch, american, japanese, australia, jamaican, whatever. Infact I wanna hear atleast one comment from each nationality…well, maybe not jamaican.


The only low points I can think of:
I thought a couple of people’s segments were short, esp. Amanda’s. I was hoping to see some trials and street from her.

Lucas’ trick off the pallats where he did that crankflip wheelgrab to uni loop thing was cool :sunglasses: Does that trick have a name?

That was a really nice video, nicely edited too. I enjoyed all of it. I loved the dales section and Jas’ 540 unispin rocks. I gotta’ try that again. I agree freestyle section was to short, but remember it’s hard to get people to film when they have other commitments.

Lucas whip :roll_eyes:

Mike :slight_smile:

Well, Duh! Just make a fake one up!:stuck_out_tongue:

I like it, :roll_eyes: the only downside was that it was a bit short, and way too street orientated. A reasonably healthy balance of muni/trials/street/freestyle and anything else would be awesome.

Still, it was good. I just wish more of us could get footage to Jason, :o, other things really do get in the way. But, at least there is great talent in Britain, we’re not totally useless at unicycling, its a small country. It’s a numbers thing as well…

How many serious trials/street riders in Britain? No more than twenty at an absolute maximum. Taking this into account, Britain’s pretty decent.

Almost forgot!: thanks Jason, for spending your own free time to make this video for everyone. I can say it was a success. :slight_smile:

Cheers sponge, thanks for the heads up. I enjoyed throwing it together and filming for it. I also enjoyed communicating to all the riders and getting to know a couple of them abit better. I was also happy to see the level of riding in Britain. There are some great riders here, like you said, many that aren’t included in the vid, they hopefully might turn up in a follow-up vid.
I’m glad to hear that all so far are enjoying it. I know some of you aren’t happy with giving your email address, but is only so that you can have an easy to remember user name, the guys at vodpod don’t believe in spam.
A couple of you are disappointed with the length of the vid. The vid started off as just a quick online vid by me, dale and edd. It turned into a kind of british phenomenon so short footage of other riders was added. I don’t believe British riding should be judge purely on this vid. Alot of riders have other commitments at the moment, hopefully if the chance to do another british vid arises, more riders will specifically go out to film for the vid. It might turn out to be a full length vid, similar to shauns, until then I don’t see the title “British Defect” fitting, although it is a huge compliment.
Thanks for all the great feedback,:smiley:


P.S. Watch this space…

Wow, great job! I liked that lucas whip thing!

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Rock on!

oh that is so going in my signature thank u very much u have made my day

Wahoooooo! I’ve been quoted :smiley: [dances happily]

You just made my day!!