"British Invasion" Teaser Trailer


hey there is a video forum now, why post 2 links.

more exposure here, just trying to get as much air time as possible.

Sorry if it’s P*ssed anyone off.


The British are coming!
The British are coming!
Awesome vid to come.

-Shaun Johanneson

I would prefer that video announcements be made both here in RSU and in the new video forum.

Posts to RSU go out to the newsgroup. Seems fair to announce new videos to the people reading the newsgroup as well. I don’t consider an extra post here to RSU to be spam or undesirable, quite the opposite.

My concern about the new video forum is that it would siphon off all of the video announcements from RSU. That wouldn’t be good.

Nice, I hope the video will show more good british riders not just famous/well known ones.


Well that depends on what you mean by famous/well known. Yeh, course Lucas, Joe and Amanda are pretty well known throughout the unicycling world but I don’t think the rest of us are (sorry if I’ve offended anyone). Also I’m hoping to get abit of footage from 2 other riders, nothing special but to introduce them to the forum and other riders etc.

Hope that answered your question Leo.

P.S. if you wanna send me some footage of yourself just drop me aline.