"British Invasion" teaser trailer

I’m glad you like it Mike, was hoping you would comment. No problem about the clips, I understand that you have other commitments and there will always be another chance.

Guess you’ll just have to wait and see, wouldn’t wanna give anything away. Cheers, got a couple of other spin variations in there too, after all, thats what I’m good at, but I got loads of tricks up my sleeve as everyone will find out soon enough.

Keep the comments coming guys, wanna know what you all think.


loved it.

Can’t wait for your footage for my DVD, jas!

Ooowww! Im not baddass! :frowning:

Edd got his bike stolen so hes so pumped up whenever he sees 2 unis together he thinks its his bmx and he goes cccccrazy
Leo is a lion
Joe Hodges will wind our enemies up to the limit and then rolling hop there face
Sponge will squeeze water all in there eyes
Sparrowhawk - the name says goes by his reputation lol

There thats gota be most of the yung ones

You lot better watch out at the London ride then!

Rock on!

what was i gona say about the london thread, cant rememba better go check its been at least 10 minutes till u posted in it lol

Looks like the riding will be fine, but to me the music (especially) and camera quality in the trailer are not up to the riding standard. There’s good rap out there; not that stuff (sorry).

All the other cool vids from the UK have been excellent; I’m not sure where the theme comes from. I must have 6 or more vids from England on my computer.

i dont think its the camra quality, i belive its the compression on the video, keeping the file size down a bit

im not sure you will have to wait and see i guess

im makin the dutch invasion

to u turns comments,

Akala is a badman i love him lol and it goes with the theme of the video

I think the idea of the british invasion is that everybody always slags the uk off for not having any decent riders this vid is partly to show that we can do it just the same, but perhaps we could have prepared it a bit better if i had have had more warning i would have put alot more effort into it, also on camera quality, its not as if anyone is paying to get it, so good camera quality is a luxury really and yes definetly more about angles

any ways cheers for comments guys all of em

I’m planning to make a unicycle film in Sheffield with 2 other people, next summer. Stay tuned.

Just need to get those crankflips. As long as i get them faster than pete66 (11 months) I’m doing fine!


Ahh, Andy… Pete landed them… Sorry mate.


I thought Andy meant that he hopes he can land flips within the 11 months and no longer, I might be wrong though.

Anyway this is getting slightly off topic, keep bigging up the trailer, haha :stuck_out_tongue:


whens this video comming out?

i thought it was out then, but nope still just this teaser

I think we have all been teased enough


Yeah, the suspense is killin’ me!

Rock on!

Lucas, I’m a blackbelt at Taekwondo, not a piece of soggy yellow bread :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I’ll try to get some footage provided of me and Joe soon, if i can’t get it in time, then go ahead and do the video anyway, it’ll still be good for sure

Like sponge has said, I’m holding out for footage from him. Sorry guys, but hopefully it’ll be out by Monday, won’t keep you waiting any longer than i have to.


haha, my bad. Should be out 2day, if not, tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay.


YaYYYY! then you can send me MY footage! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, nice to see people slagging me off about that in random threads. In defense it was more like 10 months… and I was missing a unicycle for about 3 of them :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the “Bra-ish” invasion, I’m an ex-pat myself so I’m really interested to see what the UK level of riding is like these days. I’ll have to say I was expecting a bit more from the trailer but I’ve still got high hopes for the feature. Good luck!