"British Invasion" teaser trailer

Hey guys…anybody ever feel that us british folk are abit behind? I mean, how many videos do we see on the forums created by Brits? The sport seems to be dominated by other countries (Freestyle-Japan, Street-America etc.) but we’re not bad riders, infact we have some great riders so it’s time we showed the world that. This is a trailer for the up-coming vid featuring some of the best british talent in all areas. It is mostly street and trials but there is alittle bit of freestyle and a couple of Muni clips.




Yo Jas!

That is looking really great! So professional! Loving it, can’t wait to see the whole thing!

It was great working with, Jason and Dale. There are loads of awesome riders in this!

I hope everyone enjoys the vid!

Rock on!

Very nice vid, i only miss Joe Hoedges.

yo jas, this looks like it will be a cool vid if u give me mayb week and a half i can get some decent new footage together rather than that crap i sent u, well done everyone for reppin uk!

Yo Luc, 'preciate the offer but I wanna get this video out by the end of the week. Besides, the footage you sent me was great, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Glad everyone is liking it.

P.S. I miss Joe Hodges too, but he’s a difficult man to get a hold of, maybe something to think about for the future.

the trailer looks ace

cant wait for this video, cant wait to see everyones parts

The British are coming!
The British are coming!

One light by land
Two lights by sea
Three lights by one incredible MOVIE!

-Shaun Johanneson

No no no! Three is by WHEEL.

haha shut up :roll_eyes:

looks good. i really like the editing style.

cant wait to see the whole thing.


Yeah, and listening to music that you’ll never be able to play. Or seeing paintings that you’ll never be able to paint. Or reading about places where you’ll never be able to go. Why, I wonder…

I actually think the badass style suits us brits as i reckon the british unicyclists would kick other unicycle nations arses,

Trev = blackbelt in like every marshall art going
Lucas = king of da getto lol n fink i showed i cud look after myself by out wrestling ryan atkins ahem
Steve = backflip boi
Joe Baxter = could puke on them or something
Jason = is like body building hard guy scotsman
Darktom = hard guy scotsman possible body builder too dont know
Smout = falls so much and has taken so many wedgies that he could take a million beatings.
Dale = gets mugged all the time and is northern tough
Mike = i duno flip em or sumin lol luv u
Amanda hmm stuk for words shes got some hard guy scotsman in her
so that is my case i would like to see someone reply lol hahahahaha

I’m pretty badass too. I beep little girls’ noses. Can I be with you guys?


Fine, I’ll be by myself.

lol ahhhhhhhhhh poor ivan, unfortunatleys dales right mate you have to beep bois noses an everthing if u wana role with us

Wow, slow down mate, I don’t want Big Shaun J on my back, he’s the real body builder!
Hope everyone is enjoying the trailer, get all your comments down, tell me what you think of it.


m8 shaun j aint got nothing plus hes got a dodgy ankle atm so he wont even be able to run away lol jokes

I really like the vid. Sorry I can’t get any clips to you.

I loved the editing style, looked really good. Is Dale going to flip that set at the start… hmmm…haha. Loved the Unispin variations Jason.

Dale is fat now though.


yeah im flabzilla