British Free-style comp

Its long been held that the Brits don’t DO free-style. Well thats not
compleatly true any more.
The first British free style competition took place at The British
Unicycle Convention at the weekend. This was something totally new to
the BUC and a bit of an experiment. We didn’t know if any one would want
to compete or if any one would want to watch. BUC is not noted for its
competitive events…

The comp was run using adapted IUF rules, with no age groups and
solos and pairs in the same group, 3 minutes per routine with the space
being the whole of the hall (including the bits with people sat on them!)

After a bit of reassurance and persuasion we ended up with 4 entries,
not bad considering no one had more than 1 weeks notice and most had
less than that only finding out about the comp the day before. We had a
juding team of 3 who were looking for technical
ability and artistic impression , none of whom had ever done any judging
before , but all of whom had watched a fair bit at Unicon or on video.

Most of the routines had more than a hint of Open X about them, only two
had music and one involved clearing a load of people off the stage to
allow a flying leap to take place. The final result was a close thing ,
with two competitors seperated by only 10 marks out of 200 for 1st and
2nd place.

Will Stevens from Stourport on Severn came second with fine display of
technical ability including
a brief side wheel walk and some nice transitions between skills.

The First british free style champion is Lucas Wintercrane from Reading,
Lucas preformed a well practised routine with style and
confidence, with Micheal Jackson styled costume, music and dance moves to
suit. Technically strong and with good transitions and nice use of
space. This was a really nice routine to watch.

At the BUC show prizes were given to all the entrents, with certificates
going to Lucas and Will who both also performed in the show.

So, Thanks Yous go to our Judges, Paul, Peter and Leigh. Our competitors,
Lucas, Will, North, Steffan and James. The organsiers of BUC10 for
letting it happen! and the crowd who showed up to watch and surport all
the competitors.


Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders