britains got talent

who was the unicyclist on britains got talent , tonight 11 th april , i was impressed

I duno Ive never heard of him b4. I was just about to say this.
What tricks did he do, i am planning on entering when i’m better.

There is a show on American TV called “Americas Got Talent”! I wonder how many other shows we have that are the same?

i think his name was jason

he jumped up on pallets ,made a mistake but still good height then jumped off from about 15ft i guess nearly landed it ,think he was bit bit nervous but still bloody good

It was Jason Auld, British street champion and a member of the Voodoo unicycles team.


Whoever he was, he was a far better rider than I ever was or will be. Maximum respect to his riding ability and physical courage.

But I do know about public performance, and he forgot three basic rules:

You’re on stage to entertain, not to impress.

If the audience has no idea how difficult it is, they won’t know how good you are, and they won’t forgive your mistakes.

In a short stage performance, never attempt something that you can’t be sure of achieving.

What I saw was a good unicyclist with a bad act. What the crowd saw was a nutter who fell off.

An amateur practises until he can get it right. A professional practises until he can’t get it wrong. Failing to land the impressive (8 foot?) drop at the end was the equivalent of a singer being unable to hit the high note and stopping the song.

Yeah, spotted that just now. I remembered the name from somewhere but couldn’t think where.

Can someone post a link to the video of it? I searched youtube for “Britains got talent”, and got lots of results, but not that one. Maybe it’s too soon yet?

I found this; go about half way down directly under the picture of the “witch”. I wonder since the date is today if they could be referring to this particular unicyclist:

Yeah, Jason Auld is mentioned here to, at the end:

video on youtube

it was only on itv about 20 mins ago 9pm

My points

When Simon buzzes him off he says: “I’m saving your life here.” Thats after seeing the jump. He had talent but no real ‘act’, which is what the amazing singers and ‘new talents’ have. So it was harsh when they said after they hadn’t found any talent in glasgow yet :frowning:

When a clown came on before that (just being a clown, not unicycling) Simon said that “everybody hates clowns”

To the public trials seems a bit like pogo-sticking. They see a unicycle they want to see you ride it.

I’m sure Britains got Talent would love 5 or 6 of britains best freestyle riders in choreographed impressive routine. Some one should try to organise that.
Also the olympic opening ceremonies in london 2012, get a mixture of freestyle, trials street etc and sign up for that! Don’t know if we have enough people in the UK good enough though.

I was just thinking "I hope the British version of the show has better judges. But it sounds like not. Simon who? Not Cowell I hope…

The American version of the show has three judges who, between them, seem to know almost nothing about variety acts. Can’t they find some “interesting” judge personalities that also know something about variety?

He came on stage dressed more or less in normal street unicycling clothes (i.e. no “costume”) and hopped up the pallets and steps with his back to the audience.

A choreographed routine with a single short “skinny”, some small jumps and some humour would have been entertainment. I agree withthe earlier post about pogo sticks. The audience expects to see a unicycle to roll, idle and reverse.

I don’t see any chance of a unicyclist winning that sort of show because, however good you are, it is a novelty act. They want pretty singers because pretty singers sell records.

Yep its him.

I have only ever watched this program once… its pretty crap lol. Its also annoying that it is always a singing or dancing act, always the same. And if its not one of those its someone being pathetic, and then there is the minority who have talent, who can do something different but inevitably wont get as far as the singing and dancing.

Bah, I’m usually forced to watch Britain’s Got Talent, so I was quite pleased to have missed it last night, and then I find this thread! I’ll have to keep an eye on ITV2 for a repeat.

Anyway, nice one Jason for having the skills and the guts to do the show, too bad you didn’t get through but it’s still better than most other unicyclists could do!

Lol, that was the case here lastnight.

Just checked when it’s going to be repeated, and the answer is right now! It’s just about to start on ITV1, anyone know if Jason was on at the start, middle or end of the programme, so I don’t have to watch the whole thing?

About half way.

Yep, I caught it on ITV2 last night. He is on in the second quarter, quite near the start I think.

I have just done something I thought I would never do: deliberately stop something else to watch “Britain’s Got Talent” - an episode I’d seen before, too!

Dresses in normal street clothes, hair unkempt, scruffy.

Mounts, hops, rides over to pile of pallets and stuff, turns back on crowd.

Misses first hop and steps off.

Misses grab and puts a hand down.

Does a big drop and falls off.

In about 30 seconds he fell off three times and did nothing entertaining.

A pity, because he is clearly a skilled, enthusiastic and brave rider - far better than I am - but it was the equivalent of listening to a talented violinist practising some new exercises and not quite getting it right: it wasn’t entertainment. Sorry, but no.

I liked the background music: Wipe Out.

You missed the unispin at the start , and possibly more that wasn’t shown. The unispin (I think that’s what it was anyway) looked pretty good, it’s a shame the rest of the performance didn’t go as smoothly.

As for the comment about normal street clothes, what do you think Jason should have worn to be more entertaining? Although IIRC from an old video, Jason is pretty buff right? Maybe a shirtless performance would have helped get a yes from Amanda at least!