Bristol to Bath - Tuesday Night Sighting


I haven’t unicycled for a couple of years now and had pretty much forgotten about it, but tonight I was riding (on two wheels) home the 7.5 mile commute from Bath to Bristol in the dark when I came across a unicyclist with lights and a hi-vis jacket - was it any of you lot? I didn’t stop at the time but it’d be great to find a local unicyclist!

It’s also inspired me to get my muni out next weekend!

That would probably have been Pete - PMH.

I normal commute from near Warmley station to the centre, but my handle snapped a few weeks back and I haven’t got around to fixing it.

There are plenty of Unicyclists in Bristol, you’re welcome to come to our weekly hockey session too. It’s held on Wednesday evenings 8:30-9:30 at St Paul’s sports academy - Link to the team website.

If you don’t fancy that, I’m sure a ride could be arranged. What do you ride (other than Muni)?