Bristol to Bath on a Unicycle


I am organising a unicycle ride between Bristol and Bath (in the UK) on October 22nd. I am new to the unicycling community as I have only been riding for about a month now. The ride is approximately 14 miles long along an old railway track. We are doing it in aid of the the Multiple Sclerosis Society. So far we have about 7 riders but are looking for more to join us for this great cause.

Please look at our web site or contact us on if you are interested in joining or if you would like to sponsor or support us in any way.



I’d be up for doing the ride with you if you want more riders - not sure I know anybody generous enough to raise £200 though.


EDIT: Just realised it’s the day after SWUM… I was going to combine it with a weekend visit to my parents (I’m originally a Bristolian), but SWUM cocks up that idea. I could probably still make it though if it helps.

I should be up for it. The track goes right past my house and I’ve ridden it a few times now.

i live in bristol and the bristol-bath route is sumtin i wanted 2 do 4 a while! what will you be riding i assume its not 20" i usually ride 20" but dont think i could manage that distance on me 20" so id prob ride my 24" KH

Awesome :slight_smile: .

You’re all more than welcome to join.

The £200 part was just a Monopoly joke. You don’t have to raise that much but if you do, great!

I will be riding my 20" wheel, purely because I’ve tried riding a bigger wheel and I’m not very good at it yet. I feel confident I can do the distance on a 20" wheel too.

Look forward to hearing from you all.

OK, I’ll try to make it. I was going to use it as an opportunity to practice with my newly-acquired coker, but if everybody’s going to be riding 20" should I bring a smaller wheel? Or ride it twice :stuck_out_tongue:
What’s the surface of the path like now? Last time I rode it (OK, probably more than 15 years ago so it’s probably changed since), it was really manky and muddy - not really that good for the road bike I was on at the time.


I’ll be on a 28. There’s always riding back to take up excess energy.

It’s smooth tarmac all the way and only the slightest gradients.

Cool. Coker it is then :slight_smile:


Count me in, I’ll ride my 26" muni, although I might see about putting a road tyre on for this.
Just out of interest how are we getting back? Train?

I’ll be riding it. Might not be so nice on a 20" though. I’m a bit of a speed freak, so if I was on my own I’d ride the 14 miles in about 1 1/2 hours on my 26x3 muni. I’ve only just got the coker, so I doubt I’ll be that much quicker on that by then. If we’re starting at 10 we could be out and back by 2, even allowing for a lunch break. I know other people probably won’t want to ride it that fast, but that still gives us a few hours in hand before it’s dark - I’ll bring my lights anyway just in case.


The trail starts very close to temple meads and finshes close to bath station so train is a good option for the one wayers.


I have sent an email to each of you interested in joining the ride. I look forward to having you on the team!


Let me know if you have not got it. Please email

I’ve done it before on a 20" and don’t fancy doing so again, so I’ll be on something bigger. I would seriously not recommend doing the ride on a Coker if most people will be on 20" wheels. I’ll be on my 26" Muni.

I’ve just fitted a Big Apple, ready for the ride. I tried it out on a ride to Wales and back from the Bristol convention, it’s lurvely.

The entire length of the path is tarmacced, and has been for at least the last 5 or 6 years.

That’s what I was thinking. I really need practice on the coker, and this seems like an ideal safe opportunity, but it would mean riding very slowly out there - return trip would be nice though. I could put a road tyre on my 26 I suppose (to preserve the muni tyre) - I’ve got a spare 26x1.5" road tyre in the garage.


I’ve just put a 26x1.9 road tyre onto my muni for this and I’ll be doing some road riding over the next few weeks as practice.

I was thinking of doing both ways and I guess it would be supportive if we rode with the guys on the 20’s the way out and then we could go at our own pace on the way back.

I agree we should definitely stay as a group on the way out. I’ll probably end up using the 26 and throwing the 1.5" road tyre on it… shame though, the coker would be fun, but too hard to ride at 20" speeds.


Hi all

Great meeting up with you guys today (I’m the guy who started at Bitton and cycled from there to meet you), then did the ride to Bath. I really enjoyed the challenge (having previously only ridden a mile I guess) so I was pretty pleased with the 10 or so miles I did!

Is anyone putting up a gallery of photos on the web anywhere? I’d like to see them - I guess I’ll have to pop back here more recently than the 6 months since my last visit! I’ll look out for the article in the Bath Chronicle - I live in Bath and we get it regularly. I’ll scan it and post it here or on my website.

Hope you had a good trip back to Bristol / London / Devon all…



Done. See the RR I’m about to start a new thread for.