Bristol ride UK

Ok so who is up for a ride in bristol? Been meaning to organise something for ages. Bristol has loads of awesome stuff to ride, for street and trials, best place I have been to ride, ever. Everyone complains I never give enough notice so how is like 4 weeks? Does Saturday the 30th sound good to you? or is it to close to halloween or something? Meet outside bristol temple meads train staition at about 10:30 and ride on from there. Let me know whether you are up for it or not. If you need convincing I can post some pictures of a few places there are to ride.

Saturday mornings are generally bad for me, but as I’ll be in town anyway, I can catch you up.

Ok, would be good to see you if you can ride. I can give you my number so you can find out where we are.

Bump! Anyone else? Say if you cant make that date but would be up for it another time. Bristol is pretty local to me, if you want to ride you can just shoot me a PM.

i’d be up for it at some point, i’ll look into train fares from nottingham :slight_smile: im not amazing at jumping up high, but im fairly good at my street/trials :slight_smile:

hey, i can come, i live quite close to @bristol, and temple meads

I’m not amazing either, but it should be fun watching at least

Is this happening on Saturday still? Someone at hockey also pointed out that the 30th is Friday.

Weather looks to be cloudy, but dry.