Bristol - Bath Ride, 19/08/23

For anyone interested, there’s a Bristol-Bath ride being organised for 19 August.

I’m not involved with organising it but, assuming it happens, I expect my son and I to be there.

Details are on Facebook:

It’s been a while since the last one:

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I saw that and know one has happened last year.

I’m based in Bath but could find my way to Bristol and join it. All being well on a geared up wheel too :grin::gear:

2006! Yikes that is a while.

This path is my bread and butter in terms of where to ride from the Bath side. I’m now at the point of almost being on first name terms with each bump and section along the way :joy:

That will Marie at Unicycle skills thats organised this ride.
She’s based in Bristol and tries to regularly hold local rides whether there are muni, distance, freestyle etc.

Please follow unicycle skills on Facebook or

This is a local group for the southwest where all the unicycle rides in the southwest are posted.

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