Brisbane Unicycling Event

Oi I was just putting this thread up to meet some of the mates at this event. I went to this event today and alot of people said that they used this site. I am the guy who rode the Titanium uni with the red rim (20"). my myspace is
AOL: Isaacunicycle

so if you were at that event and talked to me or whatever let me know and maybe we could meet up and ride. I live In Robina about 10minuites drive south of surfers paradise.

It was fun at the event and I sadly do not have a ride back up tomorrow.

Hope to hear from you !

-Isaac LeMasters


i was the guy with the 24" who sucks and won the yellow pedals

hey man i live in melbourne.

how was the brisbane thing?

did many riders turn up? anyone from interstate? tomsey? dan?

I hope it was a big success.


No not to many people showed up. Well maybe for an australian event. Most of the riders where really young. Tomsey was sopose to give me a ride up there from GC but Rhy his friend, car bummed on him. Carter showed up and him and I made some lines after the trials event was over and him and I had alot of fun.
When is the next organized uni event in Aus?


-Isaac LeMasters

That’s a pity, but we all have to travel such long distances and lots of other things happening. A big turn up is 15 in aus. Hope the uninats have a big roll up. The next event is the Gravity Weekend in the Vic Alps in three weeks time.
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