Brisbane street ride this thursday the 11th

the ride will start at 9:30 10:00 at southbank on thursday this week. which may or may not be the 11th due to my unsureness of what day it is today.
everyone is welcome reguardless of skill level. where we will meet is yet to be decided and open for discussion. please let us know if ur coming so we know when to start. will include some trials and whatnot.

Well I’m going…and Dan is…thursday is the 11th as well

I rekon meet at the end of southbank, the one with that big grass area and like a really wide path with the water feature thingies on the sides, I rekon meet in the bus area right next to the theatre (I forget what it is called)…if you know what I’m talking about…you’ll know what I mean…:D:D:D

so like outside the old imax theatre. around there? we’ll be kinda hard to miss!

nahh i reckon the piaza would be better(the giant stadium type thing)

i retract my previous statement

i reckon we all meet up on the floor of the piazza thing. the big concrete stadium thingy, it’ll be easy to meet up there.

i concur

mee too

yea around there will be good, anyone else gonna come?

I willi might beable to get alex to come,maybe luke to(he can almost unispin)

I’m still unemployed, so, I’ll make an appearance. Be nice to meet some other BrisVegas uni peoples.

Yea, it’s always fun to ride with other people, it motivates you and gives you confidence.

sure as hell does

i hope someone brings a coker or 29 inch

On a street ride?

Hey i have no Idea about the geography of Queensland but i may be moving to Rockhampton to work, is there any unicyclists around there? it wont be till half way through the year.

I have seen someone form Rockhampton on here before but I haven’t seen him in a while…

I’m probably gonna bring my BC wheel, as well:p

is it close to Brisbane?

Its at least a 10hr drive, its up north a fair bit, right on the coast in the middle of th egreat barrier reef, theres also a few small islands near by.

shiiiite, wont be any closer to unicyclist.

i cant go. i just sliced my foot open. 5 stiches. go without me or postpone it for a week. or both