Brisbane ride.

well its the time of year when gary land usually has his riding weekend, apparently because of the uninats, this isnt happening. so im proposing that for one or two days during the holidays we organize a ride. for most people holidays start in about 3-4 weeks so any date around early december should be okay for most people. so if anyone would like to suggest a date and place to have the ride that suits them, go ahead. the overall decision on date and place will be made based on trying to achieve maximum attendance.:smiley:

Ill be in for it for any time early December just let me know the date and time so i can put leave in for Work…

speaking of work, i need a job.

Oooh only money to buy more things…and btw i am a not a begginer rider, but im still learning how to do “Stuff” on my Uni will that matter by anychance…

nah its cool. if you can ride theres no problem. im thinking of doing a ride thru the city…is there anything on tv tonight? im stuck watching the biggest loser cause i cant find the remote:o …bugger it, ill get up.

edit: found the remote…and some program with a decent looking chick in it. im happy:)

YAYA thats cool and there is nothing else on its boring and im watching the same thing…BORING…and thanks once again…

Im keen for the ride. Im only avalible sunday however due to I am always working!

im down with a ride, on a weekend would suit most people i think. something like last years one would be cool, just in a park with some trails set up. maybe do some muni and street as well.

Anyone propose a date so we can work around that (i need to put leave in) and where in brisbane

hows this, not this weekend caus im studyin, not next weekend caus im studying, not the weekend after caus ive just finnished school but hows the weekend after that? and how/where are we gonna get pallets? im thinkin we may have to do some night ops:D

so howz the 9th sound (sunday) because that way ezraaspland would be able to attend

im down with the 9th, ill talk to rockley about it next time i see him cause he will be interested as well. i say a uni weekend though. like trails and street one day, then muni and hockey or something like that the next day. it would be fun. my dad has a few hundred pallets at his work, they arent that strong so we could just pile them up and then find some good pallets to put on top.

Hey guys just checked with work. Our chef at my parents restaurant is away at a wedding on the 9th!!! Which means no work on sunday so it would be the perfect time to go to brisbane and meet up with all you guys. So 9th definately works for me.
Cheers from Ezra

Now where do we ant to meet…any ideas…im up for anything near the train station in central or roma…but i can go to other places if u want…so im open for ideas and ill put leave in tomorrow…

Im Easy, Where are some good places to ride?

So is it still happening?
If so how does south bank sound for everyone? My brother said there were some good trials lines around there. And how many people are going? At this stage only 4 people have shown interest! Its a start…
Catch ya.

I would be interested in coming, but I suck so I just want to come purely because of the socail aspect. I won’t be able to confirm if I can come unless I get a time and a place.

Sorry bout the lag in responses…(my laptop died) but southbank sounds good…hey if its 4 people its definatly a start…so if thats where everyone can meet…someone make a time…and nice vid…

ok the standard meeting place for all our southbank rides has been the piazza/stadium thing. im thinking around 9:00. only problem with southbank is the security that they have recently introduced…so it may be short lived before we have to go to the city or QUT gardens point. any objections?

as for a ride on the saturday, im trying to organise some pallets or something in a park with hockey etc. tom and owen are at schoolies so thatll have to wait till they get back before we can figure out if its possible or not…unless someone else has a ute… :thinking: anyway, looking foward to it.

i like the sound of that but i wont be able to make it on sat…Work…but i will see you there…