brisbane ride.

sat or sun this weekend. same place and time. be there or be rectangle. pm me if your coming…i may try a rail.

i can go on saturday, i gotta study for exams on sunday. i dont know for how long, probably to about 2ish, ill probably just bring my BC:D

I’m up for it :smiley:

I really wana find a good place for trials cause i’m really bad at trials on my muni and need some practise.

I’m in if someone gives me a lift. Pleeeeaaaaseeee…



wish i could come.

im am free

(someone quote that)

on sunday

There you go, it’s quoted.

ha ha dan. we went sat.

next weekend tho, i wanna nother one

hope i can come next week

same again. sat or sun? city this time. mayby king george square

yea same, sunday or saturday i dont care. yea we gotta find more spots in the city, i rekon around suncorp stadium, lots of stuff around there plus a skate park

meet 10:30 king george square, just near the entrance of the clock tower thingy?

yay. cmon dan and sam and owen. uncle sam wants you (image didnt work…)

i’ll probably come

bring your camera?

i guess

Sorry I can’t make it guys, I got to study :(. But look on the bright side exams mean the holidays are coming soon :D.

saturday at previously mentioned time and place

ride anyone?