brisbane ride this weekend

as the title suggests. i want one.! now when and where.?

Yay me too!

Though we need a better way of organising these rides!

I think saturday at 10:30am! maybe the other side of southbank which we haven’t gone to yet for some reason, theres heaps of stairs and drops from 4ft to 8ft there to try out, plus heaps of skinnies.:smiley: I also want to go to a skate park!

Unless you want to go somewhere else…

no thats cool. i may bring another rider from school. hes a noob.

the ride has to be on sunday

can i ride my coker instead if it comes in time

only if I can take your trials uni

fair enough deal

well ok then.

sunday should also be a good enough day I guess. anytime should do really. say 10:30-11:00?

where abouts


tomorrow southbank piazza around 10:30ish

Yea that sounds good, I don’t know if i can for the whoel day though. and can you bring my pads please:D

go again? sunday?

yea, Ill probably come. I wanna land that 3’spin, the only time I really ever try is when I go on rides. Might as well go to southbank again, it has lots of stairs and skinnies!

ok. 10:30 piazza southbank. owen you better turn up. dan too.

alrighty then! sunday still?

saturdays my b day. sorry

CityCat Uni friendly?

Hey guys,

I’m living in Auchenflower and would love to come to one of your rides at southbank. My prefered mode of transport is the CityCat, anyone know if they are uni friendly?

When do you reckon the next get together will be?

see you all sooner than later.
Sam :slight_smile:

Yea I’ve taken my uni on a city cat a few times. Dan de man takes a city cat every time we ride (I think). The next ride will probably be next week.

i can get a new cam batt on sunday. so if were filming itll haveto be then. but ill see about sat.