Bring your uni on the bus?

Just started re-learning to ride (stopped 25 years ago), and I have a grand scheme that I will take the bus to campus (I work at a university), then ride the uni across campus to the building where I work.

Part of this plan involves taking the uni on the bus.

What experiences have people had with bringing a unicycle on mass transit?

Does the driver always let you bring it on, or ask you to put it in the bike rack? (if that is even possible)


i’ve taken my uni on the bus 5 times now without problem, however i was standing at the stop and hailed the bus to pick me up but the lady shook her hand and said no cause she thought it was a bike, i walk onto the bus and she goes “oh thats okay, i thought you had a real bike” i wasnt happy but i got on the bus all the same.

i live in australia

Act like you always do it, be discreet, cheerful & polite and you should be fine.

ive done it loads

once the driver asked if i had done it before and i answerd in my most cheerfull voice “yes i do it all the time” and he let me right on

Yep, done it on buses, coaches and trains several times

The driver let me ride down the aisle once while the bus was in motion.

Carry it on holding it wheel-up in your left hand (assuming you pay with the right hand). That way the driver thinks of it as a carry-on item rather than a bike. Try not to whack anything with it.

I used to travel on the bus a lot when I lived in London. I carried a bin bag (US: Garbage Sack?) to put the uni in if the driver got upset but it never got used.

People will generally let you carry a unicycle into places because it’s small. Same reasoning goes for skateboards and roller blades when they’re not on your feet. A bike is somewhat different as it’s very much larger and more akward to take in a store/on a bus etc. Worst I’ve had is some guy in the supermarket (who didn’t even work there, the employees were fine with it) getting pissed off because I had my unicycle in the store. Would you chain up a skateboard? grr.

yep no problems excpet keep pedal (especially hungry metal ones) tucked wwell in to avioid hurting people or gettin gin way of prams etc

Yeah, I’ve had no problems on the bus either. Here in the UK, we have small areas at the front of the bus where prams and assorted bags can be kept. I just wedge my uni in there and make sure it’s good and tight so it doesn’t bounce around when the driver takes corners too fast.

I took my Uni on the bus everyday this year and what I do is I hold onto it when I get the bus and keep it tucked under my arm and stand until my stop I can’t sit down with it because it takes up too much room and I have never had to put it on the bus rack on the front, I’m not sure putting it on the front is even possible I geuss it just really depends on where you live and the policy on the bus.

just tuck the seat under your arm and grab onto the wheel with your fingers. then carry it sort of in front of you and to the side and it shouldn’t bother anyone.

no probs on the bus, just put it upside down with the seat between your legs and the tire resting on them.

I’ve found the “I do it all the time” story doesn’t always work with some drivers. When I board, I keep the unicycle tucked under my arm (seat in the armpit, holding the tire) on the side of my body that’s away from the driver as I board. When I sit I guard the pedal that sticks out with my legs… most people don’t pay attention to anything below their waist… they’ll run right into it.

Try and find out the rules & regulations for your local transit… in Santa Cruz, objects brought onto the bus have to be less than 5 ft. tall and 36" wide (or something like that)… it’s good to know the rules when a driver questions you, it might save you from getting booted off the bus!

i do it all the time most of the time with my 5 footer=p

Someone coming to an event I ran didn’t make it because they weren’t allowed on National Express long distance coaches with a muni. So it isn’t guaranteed, particularly with bigger unicycles.

I have a big bag my unicycle fits into, then it magically becomes a piece of luggage, so no hassles on trains, buses etc. not even virgin trains (who are a right pain to go on otherwise).


i regularly do bus, rail and tube- techniques i sometimes use range from sitting on a mixture between tyre and pedal and using the seat as an arm/headrest; hooking the seat round the back of my neck and protecting other passengers from my ‘hungry’ pedals with my hand whilst standing and grabbing onto the rail or dangly thing from the ceiling; sitting down on the seat, putting my feet on the pedals and going sif or leaving it in the luggage section.

most of the time i dislike being parted from my uni intensely however.

epistolize wrote:

I know what you mean. When I do leave it in the baggage area I always sit in the seat closest to it.

i take my trials uni on the bus on a somewhat regular basis.
anybody take a coker (or 36er) on a bus? i think Isaac and Chris have done that here in NZ. i cant remember if the driver let them.