Bring Spair parts to NAUCC

I’m not sure If everyone is aware, but both Bedford and UDC will not be at NAUCC, unlike other years. I would suggest bringing as many spare parts as possible, because it would suck to have a broken uni for this competition.

That being said, I wish I had a spair seatpost, as I am riding Alloy on my trials uni. I can pay someone if they want to bring an extra 27.2 mm seatpost (no less than 250mm long please), as I am dead nervous that my post will break.

So everyone just make sure you are all prepared, as I don’t know how unicycle-friendly the bike shops in rapid city are.

I Live 50mi away and the bike shops here carry unicycles but not spare parts

Aww, that sucks. Not that I was really planning to buy spare parts…

The seatpost on my trials uni is kinda bent, but I was planning on taking a post off one of my other unicycles if I needed it.

Wow. Is uniproshop gonna be there? That makes me said if there are no distributors repping parts for companies at a convention.

We can only hope that SOMEONE will be there. But usually both Bedford and UDC are there and nobody else.