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Evening all.

Anyone doing anything exciting out there in terms of frame design etc? No resurrection of the telford or anything?

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Lighter stronger frame. the big thing in the trials world is the impact longneck and in the muni world is the oregon.
disk breaks are big! hub and crank mounted
we also have a proper seat :smiley:

There is the splined KH geared hub (only in '07 or later KH frames - can fit in some others w/ mods). Rated for drops up to 4 ft. And the KH Spooner - makes braking easier.

Also the Surly 29x3 tire.

Yes, this guy “corbin” has been doing some awesome 36’er custom work.

and more recently:

He apparently doesn’t live too far away from Geoff “Telford” Farragan, but the Telford design is pretty different from his.


Interesting - I rather discarded the thin twin tube design for coker size - I couldn’t make it suitably stiff without using 3/4 tube…

Hey Joe, welcome back :smiley:

Unicycle.Com is producing standard width 100mm and super wide 125mm disc brake hubs, each width is availabe in aluminum and chromoly. UDC sells an adaptor, the D Brake, which is a replacement bearing cap with a disc brake caliper mount tab. The Oracle unicycle series aluminum muni comes stock with the 100mm hub, available in 24, 26, 29, 36.

KH is producing a crank that allows an external retrofit disc brake on virtually any unicycle with an ISIS hub. The newest KH frames have a disc brake caliper mount tab, but the D Brake will also work on older frames and non KH frames.

Unicycle.Com is selling the Oregon, a twin hooped super wide muni frame to go with the super wide hub, this frame has the capacity to run up to a 5" wide tire. Surly and others are making quite a variety of snow tires which work great for tech muni, mud snow, and sand. The disc frame allows quick wheel swaps, so you can run 24, 26’ and 29" wheels on the same frame.

Check out Pete’s Flatfish Carbon Fiber seat, a flat seat base that makes riding more comfortable.

A couple guys from the mountain bike side of things have produced a 36 x 2.25 mtb tire, it was prototyped last year and was just made available for sale.

There is a new lightweight tube by Foss, that weighs ~300gm, compared to 500+gms for a standard butyl tube.

A load of 29" tires; one is 3" wide, others with stiff sidewalls, have made the 29er a muni capable wheel size.

The 32 hole hub standard is waiting in the wings, UDC will have a full run sometime this year, which will make it easier to build wheels using mtb rims.

Hmm, what else …

Golly that oregon looks familiar.

Some nice stuff about!