Pretty self-explanatory :stuck_out_tongue: Unfoooortunately, the quality blows. I had tons of trouble rendering. I hope everyone can enjoy, despite that.


-Eli Brill

the title <3
Eli, you make those 1080s look like nothing.
2:41 looks awesome, like all the other late tricks of will :roll_eyes:

Any chance of a youtube or vimeo link in the near future?

I thought for sure you were gonna land the 1080 side! Everything was sick, especially 3:30 and all the little creative things thrown in.

That was so awesome! Really nice flat from both of you, and all of the street was super smooth. You were unbelievably close to the 1080 side! Great video all around.

whoa… that was intense great vid :smiley:

really awesome. loved the creative stuff from both of you.

The filming and editing is definitely getting way better.
I love that you guys have huge tricks that are epic and you still have really creative combos and tricks that don’t need to use the bigger tricks… good mix and great style.

That was Brilliant… and Williant of course :slight_smile:

it is amazing :smiley:
i’ve the rarely undershirt as will yeeaha

I have just got no words. 1080 side almost, rewind, late stuff! Amazing!

i mean: i’ve the SAME undershi…

it is as always a awesome video

great video! really enjoyed the variety of tricks. You can spin the uni so fast :astonished: The song to the video in my biased opinion will ‘‘belong’’ to my bro’s video though :slight_smile:

Maaaan, I knew someone had used this song. :o

It was just too good to pass up. :\

Thanks for the comment though!

haha, you make a good point :slight_smile:

Lol those lates are just rediculous man… BOOOOOM 1080 side without the ugly prehop, can’t wait to see it :smiley: Were those half rewinds??? I don’t really care if people get the full flip or not for rewinds, I used to think tiregrab no footers down sets were the coolest looking tricks ever, now I can do them :smiley: with the cranks flipping a bit lol

Thanks, Chris. The second rewind was something like 3/4 of a flip. The first was just slightly more than half.

Gotta keep working on that 10side. :stuck_out_tongue:

really nice one guys :slight_smile: late tricks are crazy! good to see some street from you both again :slight_smile: keep up the awesome work!