Briley ii

THE SQUEECKWALL Props to Eli for the awesome edit, love you bro and see you soon!

doooope video, I’ve been watching it non stop since it’s been on UTV :smiley: Your 9 was steezy Will and I love how the slowmo was done! didn’t anyone tell Eli he was wrapping the wrong leg around at 2:10 though?? All the combos were sick as well!

P.S. - can you put it on youtube sometime later so I can favorite it?

Awesome video! Nice editing and insane riding! Great spins by both of you and the 360 antiside was amazing!

YouTube please! :slight_smile:


I freaking love this video guys!
Great job on the filming and editing to.:slight_smile:

Nice video, good edit :slight_smile: . I enjoyed it .

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Heeeere you go… We’d prefer if you watched on UTV, but whateva. Glad people seem to be enjoying it :slight_smile: <3s Will

Sweeeeeet video! loved it alll. good job guys!

Amazing guys! I tried on several computers and my phone to watch on utv but couldnt get it to load…

360 anti side was craazy…1080 and was it a Spencer flip at the end? Bizarre… oh and late Trey double back?

No Spencerflip :stuck_out_tongue: Just a really clean, styley 900.

Thanks everyone!

Eli, I saw it’s on a new channel, you’re gonna use UniHated you think?

I’ll be using both, whenever it deems necessary :stuck_out_tongue: I’d subscribe to both channels if I were you, or else you might miss some stuff (:

Nice nice =D
love the combos and spins!
360 antiside looks cool ^^

nice vid, what’s a spencerflip?

A 900 unispin with a crankflip.

ah ok, thank’s

Haha, Spencer flip. aaI miss you guys.