Brief Review: Sun BFR Rim, Torker Cranks

Well, due to intermitant injuries, I only have about 15 hours on either of these; however, that includes lots of hopping, 2’ drops, and rim pinging impacts.

The BFR is a monster. On my ride with Lewis and Tommy in Memphis, they repeatedly commented on hearing my skinny 2.1 tire bottoming out as the rim came in intimate contact with rocks and such. Once I failed to clear a slab and soundly bit to the rim- Kawiiiiiiiiiiiing!!! Still, narry a mark on the rim, which features big I-beam construction on either side.

The Torker cranks are done for. I won’t know if the Suzue rim is damaged untill I pull 'em. They came loose and ALSO bent at the pedal- this may have happened when I pulled my back out- or before, causing me to over extend to reach the pedal and meet it at a screwy angle. The Bicycle Euro cranks have gotten sound marks for durrability, and will be the replacements- I’m not sure if this endorsement is extended to the aluminium cranks, or just the steal.

End babble.