Brief list of past UNICONs and where will UNICON VIII be?

Brief list of past UNICONs with my personal comments (Almost all UNICONs have
been held in the first half of August.):

1984 UNICON I Syracuse, NY (Saved by Abrahams family.) (This first [weekend]
UNICON was poorly run by Ken Fuchs.) 1985 To have been in Syracuse again, but
snow damaged the facilities. 1986 UNICON II Long Island, NY (Wonderful
Convention) 1987 UNICON III Tokyo, Japan (Foreign competitors got $440 each.)
1988 UNICON IV Puerto Rico (Free food and dormitory lodging.) (First Week Long
UNICON. Voted to make future UNICONs Bi-Annual.) 1990 Funding was too late for
1990. The UNICON was postponed until 1991. 1991 UNICON V Hull, Quebec
(Friendliest UNICON ever.) 1992 UNICON VI Quebec, Quebec (Best and biggest
UNICON yet.) 1994 UNICON VII Minneapolis, MN (Excellent UNICON; < 1 year
planning) (May have been in Germany, but funding did not materialize.) 1996
UNICON VIII Don’t know where it will be yet. Again Germany possible, but again
funding was not available.

We are currently looking for a host(s) for UNICON VIII in 1996. The main concern
is getting a contract for the use of the required facilities (track, gymnasiums,
hockey rink, dormitories, etc.) in time. Clubs and people from around the world
can run the UNICON, if necessary.

BTW, although not a UNICON, The Great Wall of China Unicycle Marathon
(1993) was absolutely the most fun event ever sanctioned by the IUF!

Stay on Top, of all international unicycling events,

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