Brian the Trials Clown



Looking good, Sofa!!!

Here’s a pic of me at our BIKE MOJO party last night:

halloween kenny.bmp (443 KB)

Awsome photo Brian. So tell me, are those palets in the background just there for show or did you drop from them? Or mabe grab up onto them? :slight_smile:


no, those pallets were too high to jump onto, and far too heavy to move. So unused…but they remained there.

Better background than a plain ol’ suburban home, anyways

Looking great Sofa - the costume is perfect… oh yeah, trials don’t look to shabby either…:smiley:



Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I love it!

Now that’s disturbing :roll_eyes:


Boy oh boy; we could have fun captioning this picture…

Flying clown attacks poor innocent pallets!

Not too shabby, but the nose could use some work:D
nice pic Brian.

If you hate clowns you’ve got to see this thread

cool john,i meant to dig up that thread for Halloween but forgot…its still one of the best things i ever found on the internet.

that thread was posted back when “Just Conversation” was barly moving…memorys memorys,it was just me and Sendhair in there for a long time.look at it now…

For the record, I don’t necessarily hate clowns.

But that Halloween clown story is pretty good. :smiley:

Great pic Sofa. --chirokid–