Brian MacKenzie's 4th uni DVD in the works :)

Just some news I’m excited to post…

After the Ride the Lobster DVD documentary, I will be creating a 100% Canadian Extreme Uni DVD :slight_smile:

This will be out in the fall of 2008 and will include top notch riders and locations from across Canada (including the sickest North Shore BC stuff, the Montreal trials and street scene, and whatever else I can find)

This will also add a documentary feel into the the ‘uni-porn’ DVDs I have created so far.

Thought you might like to know :slight_smile:

Will there be some type of discount when one orders all 4 dvds at once?

This is awesome! What riders?

That is too far in the future to tell…there is a kick ass deal on getting my first two though, and those sales help make the next two possible :slight_smile:


This conflicts with my posting sponsored riders from my about to be released Candian uni site, so that’s hush hush for now.

Know this…they are awesome :slight_smile:

Boy this is exciting! Also how is the canadian resource site going? When will it be up?

On schedule!!

main site Nov 18 (my wife’s birthday, but I may need to also buy her somethign else…)

canadian online shipping ‘may’ by in place by the end of 2007, but by the end of Jan for sure :slight_smile:

Are you taking a Mike Clattenburg approach to this project?

Stephen French will have a nice roll in the movie

Most likely

Well thanks to NAFTA, I’m sure there will still be a huge market for that “Canadian Only” DVD.

not NAFTA, top notch world class videography :slight_smile:

Hey, this question is actually about the RTL documentary,

will there be a discount for the riders to buy the film

all riders who finish the race will get a free copy :slight_smile:

Is there an opening for muni riders from Quebec in this as yet unfilmed masterpiece? :smiley:

if i ever meet any good ones, sure

Will there be any Mexican riders in it?

so far no