Just a little video from today’s ride

Nice riding! Too bad about the hub.

that was friggin dope!!

I cant believe that hub broke on just a four set though. I think there was something wrong with the hub personally :stuck_out_tongue:

but still i dont see that hub really being used for much street haha

I loved the up and down grind! A great edit to!!

good job! loved the parts with two people!

emile you seem to be doing a ton of stuff blind :slight_smile: really loved the edit and the riding! i think that hub is more for freestyle and touring not street/flat/trials :stuck_out_tongue:

nice vid. That was the aluminum hub right? shitty it had to break on you

I have a 19" Ti wheelset for you for only $200 !

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Thank you, that was pretty synchronized, I like synchro stuff, makes everything looks so much better :slight_smile:

Same here. It is kind of suspicious how it broke on a REALLY clean cut like that!

The only blind thing I do in this video are my 180 flips. And I only do them blind cause twisting the same side of your front pedal is awful for 180flip/varialflip/etc. Hence, the reason why I 180 flip blind. Agree on the hub comment, and thank you!!

Thanks. Yep aluminum hub, I thought it would last longer even though I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Thanks for the offer, but I’ll stay on CrMo for now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet. Not super-technical but, awesome looking and probably fun as hell. That’s what it’s all about, right there. Friggin sweet!

Such a fun video to watch

Thanks guys! It’s nice to know that even if there’s not the nicest riding, the video is still really enjoyed :slight_smile:

By the way it was Gee’s first outflip and treyflip, and Edmund’s first rail grind I believe.

Hmmm i though you did trials with you left hand so i thought your rollings hops would be with your left but you did them with your tight :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the way you use slow motion in the edit!
synchronised part was awesome!

Nice video :smiley: It made my happy :slight_smile:
But isn’t it pretty dumb to ride street with a freestyle/flat hub? :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw. what tire are you riding? Is it a standard Equinox unicycle?