breaking stuff

ok… im pretty good at breaking unicycles… do you reckon i could blag some of the companies that make parts into letting me test them?

Hmmm. Breaks a lot of unicycles. Wants free ones to continue breaking. Sounds expensive!

More seriously, if a company wanted a tester, their job would be to test and report findings, not just break and show what broke. Does it still sound like fun?

sounds pretty funny but i dont know if it was worth making a thread about. i think any decent trials rider is “good” at breaking unicycles if they do stupid things or treat it badly.

You could get a custom uni, those can be extremely strong. But also extremely expensive.
Though if you just have a normal KH20 trials unicycle, that should hold up quite well. You might need new cranks, though.

aww c’mon, gpick. I think its great to come home and read something funny. Don’t stifle the kid. I dont know how you do what you do on your sun without breaking it. Us humans eventually break things. I think it will be a long long time before unicycles are totally indestructable. And i think the unicycling comunity needs Mr. North to crash test all this stuff. And, gpick, if you dont end up breaking your sun, i’ll be happy to come run it over with my car. :slight_smile:

James_Potter, it took me an hour to write this post because of your avitar. It took me 50 mins to figure out that the stop button on my browser would stop moving gifs. Then it took me 5 mins to clean clean up all the spit/froth from my seisures. then i wrote the post.

I’m just being a dumb@ss. No hard feelings guys. You can lace into me now. :smiley:

What kind of unicycles? Anyone can break a lasco, and taco a sun, but it takes real big moves combined with a serious disregrad for the uni and a certain lack of skill to do in a 19" DX-32 profile wheel. Noone’s really looking to throw good parts away to someone who just is out to break them (except SH and Harper;) ), so probably, no, you can’t get someone to send you parts to break. Also, there are already many trials riders who are more likely better than you or me, and are higher on a designer’s list of candidates for testing of parts.


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ha ha… iv got a summit frame, kh hub and cranks, onza wheel, 12 guage spokes, kh seat… breaking stuff is goooood! as for that flash thing mr potter… that didnt help my epilepsy all that much…

Yeh, sorry about the avatar. Doesn’t seem to affect me as much as it does others. Oh well, I have one that’s of an alien being now.

I think you should just look at what’s breaking, and upgrade it.
Profile makes the strongest of everything, by the way.

sounds like a good job maybe i could do that for work experience… haha

i dont break anything on my unicycle anymore, except for pedals… i just like breaking them…

Re: breaking stuff

I think the problem with this approach is that there are loads of people who can break parts. Anyone can break any crankset (profile, KH etc.) just by doing massive drops on it and most other unicycle parts (seats etc.) can similarly be broken by someone trying to break things.

The thing people are likely to be looking for is people who ride really well yet still break parts every so often, rather than someone who is willing to do loads of really big drops and break loads of cranks.

The really good riders can already ride a lot of stuff that most people would break cranks on without doing anything bad to their kit. The problem with designing kit entirely for the less good riders who are just willing to try massive drops they’re not capable of landing well yet is that it makes things over-engineered and heavy, which isn’t good for the average rider.