(breaking myself) back in

I have been out for about two months with torn ligaments, before then it has been very wet and I haven’t had the chance to ride much. This has been the first time I have had my course out for ages so I thought I would make a vid of it. Don’t judge me on it, its nothing special, just a laid back video to break myself back into riding again. The course is only small and most of it wasn’t secure enough to ride because I was too lazy to fix it down properly. I got a flat and left my camera filming so ran out of battery before I had filmed everything. None the less, hope you enjoy.

YAY :smiley: its been too long.I liked the skinny riding and you ride as smooth as fabian

Nice vid mate. Whats the silver car in the background at the start?


Yea I know, I looked at my last vid and it was from 6 months ago. The weather has been realy bad here, I have had a lot of school work and I have kept on injuring myself. I havnt been riding much at all recently, that should change soon though, once my exams are over and I finish school.

Lotus esprit S2 I think, not sure. Havnt driven it since we got it, going to be selling it now.

Thanks for the coments so far.

Really, really nice. Flowy.:slight_smile:

awesome vid!! really sweet riding, and good music :slight_smile:
your trial parkour looks so much fun :roll_eyes:

that is 1 sexy uni.
I have never liked white tyres but that i REALLLY like that uni. Possibly fav i’ve ever seen. (y)
Mad vid

Way to take a beatin’… on those falls. My butt hurts after that first one.
Well done and fantastic skills. If this is you injured I would love to see you full tilt!!!

Cool, that gave me a better idea of how good you are.
Great vid and flowy riding.

Glad to see you riding trials again.
Your high hops still are prety stylish, and I totaly loved the corner skinny
Keep it up :sunglasses:

im wondering why you cut down your longneck, doesnt that just make it heavier?

Yea strokes are awesome, got to love there stuff. My pallets are good, wish I had someone to ride them with though.

Cheers, im realy happy with it now, cant see myself changing it anytime soon. I love the white tyre :slight_smile:

I actualy drew blood from my tail bone on that first one haha. Most wernt too bad, not enough to stop me riding.

Im almost done with school, should be getting out alot more after, expect something amazing :roll_eyes:

That skinny was soooo good to ride, the rest of the course wasnt that great. Didnt spend long making it though because I had to move it again the same day.

Great Vid! Nice course and nice uni!

Bail on the skinny was painful to watch mate, glad it wasn’t me, I would have been stuck on the floor for three days getting over that!!!


nice vid this bail is funny

I love the hop from the skinny up 7 pallets at the beginning. You make it look like the easiest thing in the world.

You have your seat up pretty high. Do you find that that makes SIF easier? I am pretty new to SIF hopping but I have my seat lower. I might try it higher.

…and not just any Delorean, the one from Back To The Future!!! :astonished:


Your riding while not at your best is way better than most “good” riders :sunglasses:

I especially liked the big hops to skinnies and the lack of correction hops:D

I thought exactly the same thing as both of you ! (But I didn’t know how to write it…)

The riding was very good, I understand you can’t always have someone to film you, but trials looks so much better with moving shots. Other than that, well, I can’t seem to understand how you can call that laid back ! It was awesome !


Yeah really good. I won’t comment about that camera angles. Obviously wasnt that kind of vid.

Good riding.

Yea they do look quite similar, especialy the back, everyone thinks thats what it is at first. This is just a boring submarine lotus esprit

Lack? there were still too many for my liking :stuck_out_tongue:

No I never have anyone to film me. I know what you mean. I hate having to set it up on a tripod everytime, especialy with the narrow lens I have. I wish I had someone to follow me so I cold film loner lines.

It was laid back for me because I only did everything once, normaly I would do it again if it had correction hops or if I didnt like it. I didnt have long riding so I just filmed it all quickly.

I injured my thigh and bruised my lower back. My foot is still pretty painful though, I just get back on and ride through it. Normaly I dont think about pain, just have to block it out, along with fear and doubt.

I love it with a realy high seat, noone else sems to have theres nearly as high. It sucks for getting it back to SI and for hoping SI but is way nicer for everything else. I always used to find I got a bad back because I was always hunched over, with it nice and high I can strech out fully and dont have such a problem.

really cool trail vid;)