Breaking in the new 2015 Kris Holm 29er

Hey guys! I recently got a new 2015 KH 29er and took it out for a ride on Sunday. Nothing too crazy in this video as I didn’t have a camera person or tripod, but theres some good clips. Enjoy!

Great vid :smiley:
All the UPDs shows how hard it can be to the speed & exact line you want for a vid on a uni :sunglasses:


Superb video. Loads of fun to watch. Thanks, Brian.

Where was it filmed? I’m from Boston area originally. :slight_smile:

Nice vid. I always like when UPDs are included :stuck_out_tongue: (keeps it real).

I noticed the sandy landing area at the beginning of the video and it turned out as tricky as expected when seeing the UPDs.

How does it feel to ride & jump with the handlebar ?

Nice video. What are those things hanging underneath the pedals?

Thanks so far everyone! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I think putting the UPDs together is my favorite part of making a video, haha.

I love it! It makes the unicycle so much more comfortable, and its a lot easier to grab the brake without losing your grip on the handle during difficult sections. I do wish I could get them slightly closer to the saddle, but then the brake lever is exposed out the front. The more I ride with the setup the better I’m getting with it.

Oh, cool! Know of any good trails? This was actually filmed up north in NH by my parent’s place. I’ve been struggling with finding a good trail system within pedal range of the city.

Foot straps! I use them when doing less crazy riding and especially when climbing hills. They are pretty effective at giving you a whole lot more power, but can be scary when riding more aggressively like in the video.


Hi, Brian.

No, don’t really know of any great places near Bston, I was hoping you would. Lol. I’ve moved away, but still visit. Mostly, I’m in NH, Mondnock region, near Keene. Love it! nH is the best! :slight_smile:

Air spiked UPD @2:16…thats a new one:p

Thanks for showing us how not so easy it was;)

Like the other have said, I love seeing the UPD’s. Like watching NASCAR. In it for the wrecks. But you still look good.