Breaking/changing spokes on impact hubs.

Okay, first off, does anybody here except me actually own the impact wheelset? :frowning:
I’ve broken three spokes in fairly quick succession now, two at the elbow and one at the nipple, not particularly sure what I was doing to cause this.
I have some spare spokes (thanks edd) but as the hub has small flanges, I have to take the bearings off, does anybody know a way to do this without the expensive tool? :smiley:
Also, is there anything about this particular hub that makes the spokes more prone to snapping at the elbow? This has never happened on other hubs i’ve used…

The small flanges will not transfer torque as well as larger flanged hubs putting more stress on the spokes. This might be a factor or you might just have a bad batch of spokes.

As for getting the bearings off you might be able to get a spanner around the bearing, set the end of the spindle on your work bench/chunk of wood and give the spanner a whack.

Using a bearing puller is better though.

Uni coursework is a prick. Just finished and I need to keep awake in time for lectures in a few hours.

So I’ll add my two pence: Clamp the bearing in a vice (not toooo hard) and use the wheel as leverage to pull it off. Careful, you might mash the bearing though. This is a last resort of course.

Best method is the bearing puller, it’s one of those little tools that is worth the investment. You might find yourself having to regularly-ish replace spokes with the Impact hub, so it could well be worth its weight in gold in the long run.

on my old k1 hub the bearings came off pretty easy with my hands, but the left one usually offered a little resistance, a little tap with a flathead screwdrive usually showed it reason.

If the bearings are real tight, it’s time to get a LBT owner friend :wink: Always usefull!