Break on a stealth

My 24 inch Stealth currently has the 127mm cranks off of my 20 inch stealth. It’s fine for most riding, a bit long for flats, fine for most hills, but killer on descents. I find my self going much too fast and out of control a lot of the time when going down hill. I don’t want to put the longer cranks back on, so I’m thinking a brake is the answer. Seeing as the whole cycle only cost $80, I don’t want to spend too much money on the brakes.

Has any one put a brake on the stealth? What type of brake would you suggest? I like the drag brake idea, is it hard to setup?


Given any thought to going to something like 140 cranks? I had 127’s on my Sem XL 24 inch but also found the descents kind of crazy. So I threw on a pair of Dotek 140’s and then I was just laughing, they are such a good all round town crank length. Makes going up hill a breeze and the downhills are totally under control now, all that and I can still boot it along the flats quite nicely.
Just a thought… beats cluttering things up with a brake. :wink: