from todays break gallery

who is that? Looks pretty huge


Thats Yoggi, picture taken at Unicon12 i think.

why didnt he do it nude?

stupid question number 104.3-b…please put up with me.

my computer at work won’t play youtube videos, it’s blocked, so all i want to know…did he land it??

Yes, but he then dismounted unintended after landing. Here are two screenshots from that video:



My Awesome Morning

Well, not me, but another similarly crazy drop.

True, that would’ve been way cooler if he did it naked.

So in other words, no, he did not land it.

I watched him make a few attempts, but he didn’t land any of the ones I saw. But this was at the end of the day and we were supposed to be getting back on the buses so I can’t say that he didn’t finally make it later on. He had a good landing surface, the plywood-on-tire so he didn’t have to kill himself on the landings…

Even if he didn’t it was impressive.

He was pretty close but never landet it.

Some googling tells me Unicon12 was in Tokyo, July 23-Aug 1, 2004.
And people thought it was a 14 foot drop.

Photo from different angle