brazilians need unicycles

Hi everybody.

Unicycling is growing in Brasil, but riders can‘t evolve without good unicycles. And those lucky bastards who have one - like me - don‘t have the right to brake it, cause it‘s almost impossible getting good spare parts.


I know about some guy who was interested in starting unicycle business in Brasilia, I will contact him again. Maybe he is going forward soon.
At least deliver to any place all over the world :smiley:

hello olarf and bedford can ship to brazil too. the biggest problem is that the price of the unicycle can raise 2x on the price just to enter in brazil. and we have to pay another half of the price to have it on the mail.

Like if i buy a Kh20 07 on the and call them to deliver at my house here in brazil the price goes to 700usd or more!

its fucking abusive.
the unique solution to it is a big company starting to import unicycles in big quantitys.

Have you actually checked with ?

According to their site, shipping a KH20 to Brazil will cost 52 euros. Which is not much more than it’d cost to ship internally in the US, so seems like a pretty good deal. They also have the KH20 cheaper than in the US too.

You’ll not be eligible for EU tax, due to shipping outside the EU, which saves you 18% of the cost. You then pay approx 20% of the cost in import duties to Brazil.