Brazilian Unicycling Association established!

Hi all,

I have some good news. After a dinner lasting six hours in which I explained
what unicycling is about to a an audience of seven in Sao Paulo (where I am on
a lecture tour) we decided to officially launch Brazilian Unicycling Association,
in Portuguese Associacao Brasileira de Monociclismo (ABM).

The president will be Masao Yumiketa (, who will also be
involved in manufacturing unicycles in Brazil. He, his wife and his son all ride.
It started 14 years ago after Unicon IV when I went to Brazil and taught his son
Tadashi Yumiketa to ride.

As a first step, the principal of the Oshiman school will start a unicycling
program in Sao Paulo. I will give a demo there and teach two teacehsr how to
ride and how to teach.

More later. In the menatime,


Regards, Jack Halpern
President, The CJK Dictionary Institute, Inc. Phone: +81-48-473-3508

Stay on top, Jack Halpern
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.

Re: Brazilian Unicycling Association established!

Jack Halpern wrote:
> After a dinner lasting six hours in which I explained
> what unicycling is about to a an audience of seven

Do you sell double-glazing too? :wink:


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brazilian unicyclist joins the community

that’s good to know…
but Brazil is a big big country, and we don’t have much sharing in information of this type…
anyway, i want to say also that in my city, Belo Horizonte - MG, we have a every-week-meeting, with almost 20 unis and munis getting togheter and evolving!
we’ll be posting some material pretty soon…
if any of you come to Brazil, be welcome to join us… (o:
best regards…


e viva mesmo o monociclo no Brasil!

I have one question: How many is a Brazilian? :astonished:

Just kidding…

Seriously; that’s great news, good job on promoting unicycling.

must be the language… (o:

i didn’t get it. |o:

… tired of unicycling in snow?! come down to Brazil and join us hahahaha.