Brazilian News VIdeo!!

hey every one!

me and my friend chico were doing some shots of our moves today and kinda thought of a new trick! is it really new?!?! isn`t it SWEET?!?!?!

check it out!!!

that is really SWEET!!!

that’s WAY better than a CRANKFLIP!

('cause i can actually do it.)

I busted up laughing when i saw this.

thanks for the laugh guys.

man you’ve gotta be pro with moves like that:)

Wasn’t the trick just a small variation on 1foot idling?

I can do the pedall spin (i think that was what we called it) with both pedalls and the same time and trible :).


that`s awesome!!!

so, it`s not a new trick at all huh?

who would know about that!

this new trick is awesome!
i already can imagine in the future

people droping 7 sets doing pedal kick flips!

its a huge variation :sunglasses: