Brazilian Mototrial Championship... I rode it

This is the link for some pics of me at the Brazilian Mototrial Championship. It was pretty cool to ride on the motorcycle obstacles because thay were really high… I thought Id never go through the sessions (because I had no motor!!) but I did OK getting to go through some without falling. This was the first round of the Championship and Ill be in all of them. I`m a judge of the natural trials now. Pretty cool huh? So, more photos to come…

I forgot to post the link…

koool keep em comming!


I sould be there to see it…

pretty cool!

Nice I would like to ride there to. :sunglasses:

looking good!

HELL YEAH! i was there too…
freestilyng while chico was jumping like a crazy person that he is.

it was great.

it’s the unicycle growing stronger in Brasil…

have i said i’m the first doing 360unispin around here?! haoHAOhaoHAO
just to check!



that’s my back making sure that chico is safe… (o: