Brazilian Demo in Adventure Fair


This is an old video (september) with some footage of a demo that me and Gui performed.

It’s pretty old, there’s just some consistent stuff… We used that as a sponsorship request here.

The Adventure Sports Fair is the biggest South American fair of sector. Was pretty cool and we had some fun in there.

I didn’t posted it before because I was waiting to release with other video, but I decided to post this first since it’s old and do not show our best skills…

Cool it looked like you had alot of fun

Nice and mellow! Great vid! Good tune too.

Smooth riding, maybe one day I’ll get better!

Keep on doing it!

Nice job.

pretty cool!

We had a lot of fun those days, I was just starting to land sketchy 3spins :astonished:

Time goes fast it was 2 months ago and it seems like it was yesterday :astonished:

Nice vid!

cool vid
looks like a lot of fun!!
really good work ;):wink: