[Brazil] Pablo's 1st Vid: 5 Days Riding!


After meeting me in the begining of the year at the Brazilian Bike Trials Championship, a rider called Pablo decided to start doing unicycle trials!

He got his KH past week and after 5 days did his first video! You notice that bike trials helps a lot, since he improved a lot in 5 days…

I already told him to use only one hand in side hops and some other tips, but please comment! He is going to register soon here!

We’re going to release a vide together (and some other riders too) next weeks, after the São Paulo Uni Meeting!

Enjoy :wink:

5 days! Looks like that chaps been riding for a year!

Serious respect to you for this! I can’t even do 180 unispins like that after 2 goddam years.

Keep riding man!

wow respect!!! :astonished:

That’s beyond crazy for 5 days of riding. It took me nearly 3 months to be able to sidehop at that height when i started. Crazy.

thats pretty sick.I hope he gets good at trials,theres a seriously big lack of good ones.Everyone rides street on flat nowadays :frowning:

only 5 days :astonished: impossible but cool :sunglasses:

Is really difficoult for me to believe he’s just a 5 days rider…
good, indeed!

Call UDC and ask when they shipped his uni! You’ll see only 5 days!

In the first day he tryied, at the Brazilian meeting, he was able to roll like 8 meters and jump up 3 and a half pallets!

Definitely bike trials helps a lot… Specially for hopping…! After one week riding a trials uni I could clear around 75cm…! Olaf also have a guy that rides bike trials around Koln that in the first day was able to hop really high!

Thanks for the comments! Soon I think Pablo starts to post here!!! :smiley:

EDIT: you can also check his last bike trials vid:


From what I read in the very first post in this thread, it’s a little unclear:

Has he been riding a uni for nearly NINE months?; And he just got a KH uni 5 days ago? Or did it take him since the beginning of this year (almost 9 months ago) to finally start to ride? That was not made clear. Bt yeah, great skills!

One more rider! We are on a row!
Really fast improving want to ride with him next week.

You will Gui :smiley:

He is coming to my house to attend the convention :smiley:

We’re going the three days. The Uni most important day will be sunday! My mom is going to drop us on the Luz Station, and we go by train the the convention Place (Ribeirão Pires) :smiley:

The registration cost with some food (Breakfast I think) is R$50!

Cya friday on school :smiley:

Oh. My. God.

Incredible. I can’t wait to talk to this guy on the forums! You can clearly see his progression through the video. Once he started hopping with one hand, everything looked smoother and it made him look much better! I can’t wait to see what he’ll be doing after a month.

Hopefully that really is his last bike video… cuz he should definitely be riding uni. Great skills already.
Weird style he has on the sidehops, but it seems to work for him.
My main suggestion is less prehops.

+1 :frowning:

thanks for the comments are always welcome,

yesterday already trained using the advice they gave me these days and I could walk better …

as you know I started walking a few days and their criticisms and suggestions are crucial for me to continue to evolve fast in the unicycle.