What are the best brands that are also cheap for someone wanting to buy their first unicycle??

torker and qu-ax are not that expensive and pretty strong… if you are getting a torker get a DX off ebay…

ok so a torker DX is good

I got a nimbus 24 first. Added the gazzolodi tire. It’s taken what I’ve put it through while learning, and wasn’t a budget breaker. I muni and trial on it.

i started with a norco. it came with a 1.175 tyre and i changed it to a 2.125. its very nice. but im gettin a splined soon

i also have a norco but the muni, and despite what others say i love it, but i also have only had it about a month so i cant really comment, i have only taken it off two foot drops but if you want something for that kind of thing then i think its great!

horay for cheapie norco unicycles they totally rock. despite the no splined hub thing BUT THATS OK!!!

My 20" Torker LX has held up well, considering what I’ve exposed it to (3ft drops, unispins, riding into a pool, crank/pedalgrabs). The only thing “wrong” with it, is that I have to tighten the 5/16" (i think?) bolt for the left crank every once-in-a-while (but Loctite solves that problem!). I’ve been very happy with it, but I, too, am hoping to purchase either a splined trials unicycle (probably a 20" DX, Qu-ax, or Bedford) or a Coker in the near future.

Do you know what type(s?) of riding you will want to be doing (freestyle, trials, cross-country)? I would say that the 20" Torker LX would be perfect for you as a beginner (assuming Liz is a girl, and therefore not as heavy/crazy as most guys), and it should be within your price range (I paid $97.97 for mine [including s&h] on eBay)

Hope this helps,
Joe B

yeh it does thanks a heap

just buy a sun uni then put on a torker LX seat and a uni frame

that would be cool _

I used a Torker DX for sometime. It held up to 3 foot drops just fine. I just put a trials rim and tyre on it because the original rim and tyre where uder rubbish. Now it bounces really well but folds a little easier. I hate that word, I can never spell it right.

anyone ever watch teh show “Cheap Seats?” that’s the coolest show… they showed lawn mower racing and competitive rodeo clowning. no foolin’.

is an Axis a good brand??