Brands Of Unicycles.

I have one more question. i would like to have a new unicycle that is a quality unicycle but not way to expensive at least under 300 or 275 dollars? (i want a 20" and a 29" if that helps at all) any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!:slight_smile: thanks

I think the 2 best brands are First KH Second Nimbus.

Both my unicycles are nimbus have my 19" trails ISIS has held up to a lot of drop maybe 6foot at the biggest. so if your on a buget and want a uni that will last get a Nimbus. but want light get KH


Not sure what level of abuse you are planning on inflicting on your new unicycles, but there are other quality unicycles besides the KH and Nimbus. (Koxx, and Qu-Ax, for instance). But the Nimbus seems to be a good blend of budget and quality.

You said you wanted a new unicycle, so a recommendation for used may not be what you want. By keeping an eye on the Trading Post at this web site and also checking ebay, you might be able to get something good (used) on a budget. For instance, in the 20" size, you could pick up a used Koxx, Qu-Ax or Onza (I don’t think the Onza is in current production and I don’t think it ever went ISIS, but it was a great uni).

There are fewer brands to choose from for the 29", but I do see some KH and Nimbus models from time to time on the Trading Post.

I agree, KH and Nimbus are the best.

A Nimbus ISIS uni will be your best choice i think, as they’re strong and cheap. However strong and light would be Kris Holm but that is more expensive.

UDC USA had good deals on Qu ax last year

My impression is that Qu ax is an older (German?) brand that was similar to Nimbus in that it was a tough steel job a bit heavier than KH or K1. The older style Qu ax splined hubs share the same orphaned spline as the Torker Dx. Modern Qu ax’s are ISIS, but UDC USA doesn’t have them in stock anymore.

Onza is bigger in trials bikes. I have an 05 KH 24 with a KH-Onza hub. It still looks great, however, it is a good thing I am happy with the cranks because they are an orphan size with only a few 100 $/pr choices. In general, it is better to have interchangeable cranks (ISIS), yet if you can get an old KH, Qu ax, Onza or Dx with a splined hub that looks newish, for cheap (100 $ ish) , that would be a great deal. For that matter, even if it looks like it fell out of a car, if it rides well, it is much better than a new lx, or other square hub unis.

and do all these brands have quality seats too? my old unicycle’s seat got totally messed up easily to. it would twist, the handle would break, and it would always rip (but i guess that was sorta my fault from falling a lot) and i want to make sure that the seat on these brands wont do it that easily. thanks

and thanks for the suggestions

Yep, all those brands comes with comfy seats and better than the ones that comes on the learner unicycles.

cool thanks for all the suggestions!

if your buget is $300 and under this would be ok

I have the same uni and its still great.

Or you could spend $300 and get in a colour you want

heres the page

Nimbus 29" (Blue) (Red)

these 29" are very light for there size I only found out the other day. Its light then my trials

thanks. i think i will get those two that you just suggested.

cool :smiley: glad to help

i appreciate it!


Is this a Nimbus: ? If so, then why isn’t it labeled Nimbus but I am asking because I saw someone else referring to it as a Nimbus.

Well, technically no, but kind of yes. It is a Nimbus frame. Nimbus is a brand designed by and distributed by However, Nimbus is their flagship brand, and most of the rest of the components on this unicycle are the cheaper quality bits they sell (non-ISIS hub, unbranded pedals etc).

I guess what I’m trying to say is a complete “Nimbus” branded unicycle will be stronger and better than this. But that doesn’t make it a bad unicycle. Depending what you want to do it may well be more than good enough for the job.